Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Just when I'm ready to cross alien off my list, you pull another stunt and suck me back in.": Kyle XY

Last week: Kyle learned how to bust a move, Lori was attacked in an alley and left for dead, and ABC Family ruined any sort of suspense over her fate by putting scenes of a perfectly fine Lori in the previews. Grr.

Since they ruined the surprise of Lori's miraculous rescue (and since said rescue happened off screen), I'll start there. It seems Lori's attacker caught her from behind and knocked her out, giving her a black eye, a few scratches, and a huge scare. She can't identify who sucker punched her, but since the only thing stolen was the necklace Declan gave her it's pretty obvious it was Jessi. Declan, who knows all about Kyle's secrets now, thinks it was Foss, however. After talking to Declan about the incident, Jessi finally realizes that she hurt Lori and feels appropriately bad about the whole situation and sneakily puts the necklace back in Lori's locker, which freaks Lori out even more because her attacker is now revealed to be someone who knows her.

Sad, computer-programmed Jessi tries to figure out what is wrong with her by talking to both Nicole and Emily, but telling Emily only backfires as Evil Madacorp Dude (EMD) just thinks Jessi is like a computer that needs reprogramming and orders Emily to bring her in for a reboot. When Emily balks, EMD threatens to harm her daughter if she doesn't cooperate and then immediately takes Jessi out of her care, telling her to "concentrate on Stephen Trager." Seriously. Do not mess with the Stephen/Nicole relationship, Emily. I have weapons, and I will hurt you.

Stephen finally gets his very own storyline this week. His long-estranged father has a stroke and is effectively brain dead and waiting to die. Stephen and Kyle visit him in the hospital, where Stephen remarks that their relationship will never have closure, and Kyle almost immediately gets one of his strange Kyle-ability brain attacks. Later that night, Kyle draws a church that happens to be the church Stephen's father faithfully attended his whole life, and that church is most of the reason he and Stephen were estranged. It seems that Stephen's father was religious to the point where it interfered with his relationships with his children, and Stephen decided to abandon the church almost in protest, a sin his father never forgave him for. Stephen tried to reconnect with him at one point by writing him a letter, but his father only tore it up in front of his face and refused to read it. Ever since, they have not talked.

Stephen and Nicole are fascinated by Kyle's ability to draw the church without ever seeing it, but Amanda takes it one step further and believes it is a divine intervention from God and that Kyle's goal is to give Stephen and his father closure. In case you didn't know from the approximately 2,431 other times Amanda has mentioned it, her father was perfect and now he's dead, and she says she didn't get to say all of the things she wanted to say before he died either. She convinces Kyle to go back to the hospital room to see if he gets any more messages. He does, and that night in his sleep he draws a wall-sized replica of Stephen's childhood living room. Kyle then leads him to a chapter and verse in his father's bible, where Stephen finds the torn-up letter lovingly taped back together and obviously worn from being read many times. It's cheesy, but quite touching and a nice way to deal with religion without being heavy handed.

In the end, Amanda asks Kyle to meet her in an idyllic garden, where she talks about her dead father again, some more. Dead dads are apparently a big turn-on for her, because she finally gives Kyle the nod and they make out. It's so sweet I got a stomachache, but appropriate for the characters and nice. The only thing a little bit troubling is that Kristen Prout is 16 and Matt Dallas is 24, and they look it. Otherwise, awwwwwwww.

Next week: Jessi and Amanda go all Celebrity Deathmatch for Kyle's affections. I think I'm going to go out on a limb and pick Jessi in a physical fight. Just a hunch.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings: 0

- Kyle told Declan all of his secrets off screen. How...anticlimactic.

- Beachwood High School. Damn. I think I prefer Generic Seattle High School, myself.

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