Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"These Sour Patch Kids are different. They're extreme, like my punishment.": Kyle XY

I've said it before, but after last night's episode it must be said again: Kyle XY is a much better show when it focuses on teen and family drama instead of mysterious Madacorp tomfoolery. Yes, "Free to Be You and Me's" concept of students rebelling when their school won't allow gay couples to buy tickets to a dance has been done before (Dawson's Creek's Anti-Prom, anyone?) but damn if it wasn't a great time. There were some mysterious moments as well, and it all added up to one of the best episodes of the season so far.

They must know I've missed the school scenes this year, because this episode is chock full of them. It's Jessi's first day at Generic Seattle High School (I have no idea what the school's name is, so GSHS it is) and she is nervous. She's always nervous, however, so this isn't anything new, it's just that now she's nervous about something normal: being the new kid. Jessi's not the only one in a funk, as Kyle is bumming over Amanda big time. Ladies and gentlemen, he's got it bad. Luckily for him Amanda seems to be feeling the same way, in no small part I'm sure because Kyle gave her a piano to replace the one her mother had to sell for groceries and hair products. Amanda is so touched by the gesture that she invites Kyle to go with her to the spring dance. You know what they say, show a virgin a piano and she will play it for a day, but buy a virgin a piano and you can get in her pants. Or something like that.

Also down in the dumps? Hillary. You see, the poor girl just went off on a PMS-fueled rage because the dance committee wouldn't sell tickets for her and Lori to go to the spring dance together because they won't allow "same sex couples." Kyle: "That's stupid." Not enough of America: "Agreed." And, can they please just say gay? Come on ABC Family, last week you had fraternity boys sneaking out of each other's rooms after a hookup on Greek. Can't you just say the word gay? Anywhoodle, Lori and Hillary agree that this policy is stupid not just because they aren't gay, but because even if they were it shouldn't matter. Preach it, sisters.

Andy, because she is awesome, concocts a little bit of civil disobedience to protest the administration's decision. I say a little bit because this obedience only involves skipping class to put up posters in protest of the dance, but at least they are doing something! Of course, the principal catches them in the act and calls all of their parents to tell them what horrible immoral children they have. Nicole, because she is even awesomer than Andy, tells Principal Bigot his policy against gay
couples is discriminatory and hurtful. His response is, basically, "whatever." Jerk. Andy again proves her awesomeness by suggesting an alternative dance with Nicole as the chaperone. Jack McPhee would approve, young lady.

The only wrinkle now? Kyle doesn't know how to dance, not that it will matter because Amanda's lovely mother grounded her and she can't go anyway. Those poor kids who live right next door to each other and attend the same school, how will they ever get a chance to see each other if they don't go to the dance together? Teenagers are so dramatic. Kyle does learn how to dance, though, thanks to the hip hop hooray moves of Josh Trager. Remember last week when I said I hope Kyle has moves like David Silver? Well, Kyle might not but Josh sure does! The more I think of it, the more i realize that Josh really is the David Silver of Kyle XY. All he needs now is a mushroom haircut and a singing "career" of his very own. I think Andy is a bit precious to him, no?

Let's move on from my 90210 obsession, shall we? At the dance, Andy and Josh continue to dance around their feelings for each other. Mostly, Josh is being an idiot which is right in character for him, so good job, show. I hope he wises up soon because I like that Andy. Also, to Kyle's delight Amanda decided to perpetrate a little civil disobedience of her own and sneak out of her house to attend. She looks great (because she finally got those awful bangs off her face) and she and Kyle dance quite cutely. They really are sweet, in a Sour Patch Kids induced sugar coma sort of way. Not to be outdone, Declan decides that his season-long feud with Kyle is getting ridiculous, and Kyle agrees and says he will tell him everything about Foss and Baylin. Finally, my boys are back together again! Suck on that, Principal Bigot. Just as Kyle and Declan start making eyes at each other over the possibility that Tom Foss might be threatening Lori, Lori is attacked in the alley by an unknown assailant! RUH ROH! Also: awesome.

I realize I've left the entire Jessi subplot out, but that's because I honestly just don't care. I know I should feel for her, but her neediness and desperation really just bore me. In quick summary: she and Kyle finally meet face-to-face and nothing happens, Lori befriends her much to Nicole's chagrin, Declan makes out with her, and Emily makes the Tragers suspicious by her less than kind treatment of Jessi at the dance, which in turn causes Jessi to blow the lights like Carrie at the Prom. Jessi was integrated into this episode better than usual, but I still can't bring myself to be invested in her. I hope she goes dark side soon, at least that might be interesting.

Next week: Apparently, Lori is just fine because they put lots of Lori scenes in the previews! Great job, ABC Family! Also, Kyle and Amanda make out.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings: 1. This one was a highly awkward and hilarious full-on mention. "They're extreme, like my punishment." Ha!


Todd VanDerWerff said...

If we ever make T-shirts, Alumnus of Generic Seattle High School will be the first one.

Nea said...

I was kind of glad that Kyle did not kick Josh's ass at dancing. The poor kid needs to be better at something!