Sunday, July 29, 2007

"This isn't a seduction. It is rape.":Meadowlands

So in this, the second to last episode of Meadowlands for the season, they once again decide to spend a significant portion of time on a peripheral character. The good thing is that at least we've seen this character quite a bit before, but unfortunately it is the disgustingly creepy Dr. York (see picture), so besides being subjected to the dubious quality of the show, I have to see this guy on screen for one second too many and it makes me a little ill.

In earlier episodes we learned that Danny Brogan is infertile, and the Brogan children are thus not his, as Evelyn had an affair way back in the day. The creepy doctor wants Evelyn, so he ended up lying to Danny about his fertility results in order to protect her. Although it seems that now he has reached some sort of psychological breaking point, as he turns from being quiet creepy into outright menacingly creepy, just like we all knew he would eventually. We get some back story, apparently the reason why he is in Meadowlands is that he threatened to go public on the pharmaceutical company he was working for, because they were manufacturing an AIDS drug targeted for patients in Africa that has a high rate of causing cancer. Of course the scene that reveals this shows the most ridiculously stereotypically evil corporate executives possible, so it is a little amusing. I liked the plot better when it was used in The Constant Gardener, but it's only a side scene.

There is also a lot more interaction between Dr. York, his wife Abigail, and Evelyn Brogan this episode. First Evelyn goes to see Dr. York, to figure out why he yelled at her in the previous episode for shopping with his wife. Well, as we saw, his wife while trying to seduce her husband asked him to call her Evelyn, and even said that Evelyn told her to do it. Evelyn didn't, of course, because that would be fairly insane of her, but Dr. York doesn't believe her and he goes kind of crazy and yells at her. Later, Evelyn confronts Abigail about this, Abigail figures out that Evelyn is the patient her husband has been lying for, and they agree to hate each other and never talk to each other again. However the good doctor isn't going to let this happen as he starts stalking Evelyn, including acting crazy at the local golf course of doom while the family is there to watch Zoe golf. He corners Evelyn and threatens her that if she does not have sex with him, he will tell Danny about his fertility results and thus her affair.

Later Dr. York visits the bar Danny is working on opening, where he has a beer with Danny, until Evelyn shows up and he leaves, after which he has a weird hallucination sequence where Wintersgill the policeman basically convinces him to go after Evelyn. Ew. Then Dr. York confronts his wife Abigail about the affair she was having with Jack Donnelly, they fight, and he leaves their house to go to his office for his planned rendevous with Evelyn. She shows up, and her makes her wear the dress. They go through a little bit of back and forth where he yells at her for enticing him, she yells at him for being pathetic. She cries a lot, the actress probably wonders why she is wasting her performance on this crappy show, and it appears that she almost convinces him to give up his demand when he attacks her briefly. After a few tense seconds he backs off, and goes into the corner and cries, giving her the chance to leave. Later on there is a scene where he rows out into the middle of a lake or river of some kind and I thought he was going to kill himself, but unfortunately he returns to shore and sees his wife Abigail and they look like they're going to be happy together again. I guess they got over all that screaming they did with each other this episode, and the obviously boring and dead relationship they had in every previous episode.

Meanwhile, other things are going on. Well, Zoe doesn't do very much this episode, except for the scene at the golf course of doom. Mark gets over his sadness at being dumped by Brenda Oglive, the next door neighbor, by starting a tryst with her daughter Jezebel. Then there's Danny, who goes off doing random things throughout the episode such as robbing a store after someone knocks over a display, and going into an internet cafe (where his usage is watched) and looking at internet sites that appaer to not make any sense except to throw off the Meadowlands Secret Agency to his real plans. Well, his plan seems to be to get out of Dodge, as he received a package from some friend of his named Eddie, who he thinks might help them escape to Cuba. They plan on leaving, and hopefully the secret agents do not stop them, because then the show could be over without a second season and Showtime will show something better in its place.

Next week: the season finale. Will the Brogans escape? Will we learn any more about the weird memory experiements going on in Meadowlands? Does anyone really care?

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