Friday, July 13, 2007

"We all put our hands together and yelled 'Go Blue'! Because we're the blue team.": Big Brother 8

It's the end of week one of Big Brother, a notoriously boring time in the game where nothing exciting happens because everyone is afraid of pissing someone off and being the first person on the block. Someone has to be forced on that sword, though, and Amber and Carol are nominated because according to Kail the only "fair" way to nominate anyone was to choose the two people who performed the worst at the HoH competition. Yawn.

Alliances are slowly starting to form, with the most dominant so far being the "Mrs. Robinson" alliance of Kail, Zach, Mike (who?) and Nick. Also, Dustin and Amber seem very close but we haven't seen any official declarations of loyalty yet. I suppose we'll know once they name themselves the "Chosen Ones" or something, after Amber's devotion to the Lord. (Can we talk for a second about the incredible squickyness of naming your own alliance? I think it all started with the deplorably named "Chilltown" in season two, and it's been going strong ever since. At least "Mrs. Robinson" is better than "The Friendship." Anything is better than "The Friendship.")

At the beginning of the week it looked like Jessica and Carol might bury the hatchet and form a secret alliance, but Jessica is too stupid and Carol too ambivalent and it never came to pass. Carol would rather convince people she wants to stay in the house not by actually telling them she wants to be there and campaigning to stay, but laying low and being positive.'d that work out for you, dear? (Oops...spoiler!) However, Danielle and Dick seem to have at least an informal alliance to go to the end together. I'm pretty sure that if Danielle and Dick get nominated against each other, though, Dick will gladly take the fall and Danielle will campaign like hell against him. I like Danielle more than Dick at this point, but I'm positive she'd sell him down the river in a heartbeat, with no regrets. Deadbeat Dads beware!

The best moments of the week came courtesy of house lunatic Jen. You guys. Girl crazy. First, when they revealed the houseguest picture wall she absolutely lost her shit over her supposedly unflattering picture. It was a breakdown of epic proportions, with her throwing a tantrum and crying in the diary room and eventually taping a potholder over the offensive picture. The crack Big Brother editors set the whole thing to some hilarious Schindler's List-like violin music, earning my undying love. It was truly a thing of beauty. Second, in a casual conversation with fellow houseguests over Nick's flirting habit, Jen accuses him of trying to make out with her. Joe, who is nothing if not a born shitstirrer, goes directly to Nick and tells him what she said. When Nick confronts her in front of everyone, her wide eyes of "oh crap, I'm caught in a humongous lie" tell the whole story. Later, she takes him into the storage room and apologizes for lying and says she did it because she was jealous that he was flirting with Danielle, since he should only be flirting with her. Nick is like, um, okay, psycho. Seriously, GIRL CRAZY. I think Joe said it best when he said, "Jen lives in her own little Jen world. It's Jen-uinely in-freakin'-sane!" And awesome. Don't forget awesome, Joe.

There was also some nonsense about Eric telling a sob story to Kail per his America's Player duties, but it was hella boring. His two duties this week were to tell that sob story and vote out Carol. What a waste. I want to have some real consequences for his actions, not just randomness. Let's spice it up, have him seduce Nick or something! Now that would be entertaining.

In Thursday's live show, Carol was unsurprisingly eliminated 10-1. I'm not really sure why people want to keep obvious threat Amber in the house over total non-player Carol, but whatever. I think I could have actually liked Carol because she was semi-normal, so it's a disappointment for me. And that's really the most important thing, what I want. In the HoH competition, Jen wins because of a "so tricky it's actually geared towards idiots" tiebreaker question. I have to say, I am ecstatic Jen won HoH. She's such a crazy dumb idiot, it just might be interesting.

Live feed clip of the week:

Nick is a bit bicurious, and it only makes me love him more. Enjoy!

"Have you seen Snatch or Fight Club? Wow."


Justin said...

Wow, could I possibly hate Jen any more?

I guess she is entertaining but she gives me this extremely powerful urge to start projectile vomiting so I am not sure I can take it.

I already know who the nominees are, sadly, and I don't like them one bit.

This season is going to get boring really quickly if things are going to go out as I see it. Can you imagine if the "Mrs. Robinson" alliance are the last ones in the house? Do any of them (besides Nick) even speak, ever?

Incidentally, I'm pretty sure *all* of the guys (except for I guess, Evil Dick) are gay. Making for, well, I'm not sure what.

If I could pick who gets kicked off, in order, it would be:

The Boring and Bigoted

1) Kail

The Boring

2) Mike
3) Zach

The Irrirating
4) Joe
5) Eric
6) Jessica
7) Amber

The Very Irritating (Yet Fun to Laugh at)

8) Jen

The People I Like

9) Dustin
10) Nick
11) Evil Dick
12) Danielle
13) Jameka --- Best Houseguest easily

Still though, it's not the same without Dr. Will, the phoen calls, the blatant playing of houseguests. Yet I am still addicted, and neglecting my other TV! Agggh.

page said...

Jen?! I mean, come on! Have we had a better crazy person to love/hate on this show EVER?! She is awesomely awful. I don't even hate her anymore, she's way too entertaining. She managed to make Evil Dick a sympathetic character, that's some talent. What is up with Nick's hair? That cut gives him a total square-head look. It's so distracting. Square head. Dustin is shaping up to have a sense of humor. Like that. Amber? Watch out. She's crazy like a fox. Scary. I agree, Carrie, they should have gotten her out post haste. I'll get here faster this week. Thanks for the feed, I enjoyed it.

Carrie said...

Justin, you like the exact same people I do. BUT -- I kind of don't hate Jessica. I mean, I hate Jessica, but her idiocy is entertaining. "It was big hair vs. big bodies." Come on, that's funny. I kind of don't hate Eric, either. Yet.

I am already so invested in this season. Sigh.

Nea said...

I thought Jen's melt down was hilarious. Unfortunately, I think we all saw the nominations coming this week. Between her jealousy of Danielle and her phobia that Evil Dick may try to touch her, the nominations were not a shocker. I can't decide if I would like for either Danille or Evil Dick to take revenge on her next week, or not? I hate her, but she is also crazy, and therefore like a train wreck you can't help but watch. I like Danielle, and hope she stays, but I feel bad for Evil Dick, because he seems truly sad that someone actually placed him in the situation of being nominated opposite his daughter. I agree that Evil Dick will not campaign against Danielle. If he cannot get her off the chopping block by winning the veto, and therefore be given the chance to campaign against someone else, I think he will willingly go home to save Danielle. I also agree that she will not so the same for him, but I do not fault her for that.