Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"You're too dumb to respond to": two weeks of Entourage

OK, so maybe I didn't blog Entourage last week. Todd yelled at me to do it, but...I just could not summon up the energy, I guess. Last week's episode, "Mallibooty", was everything that can be bad about this show. A bunch of worthless, strung-out jokes posing as plots, and some gross, unnecessary sexual humor to keep everything nice and HBO. Seriously, it's not like it was incredibly offensive or anything, but it seemed like the kind of episodes that some of the show's fans might find hilarious--but those are the kind of fans of this show that you hate. Like, on a subway train one time, I listened to the two guys next to me extol Entourage's hilarious virtues to the sky, and I got off almost hating the show, cause the guys were such morons. Now, I don't hate the show (Todd even alleged that I was one of it's biggest online defenders, which, if that's the case, clearly critical support is at an all-time low), but episodes like this do leave me rolling my eyes.

What else happened in the episode? Well, basically just continuation of the Medellin plot, which is moving so SUPER-SLOWLY that it's obvious it IS going to dominate the entire season, as I had feared (I had forgotten just how slow-moving plot could be on Entourage, I guess). I mean, I figure Vince will eventually inspect new projects as the series goes on, but it looks like the Cannes film festival might end up being the season's FINALE, which just goes to show how slow this stuff is gonna move. Honestly, if the movie is crawling towards distribution and success this slowly, is it any wonder people think it's gonna be a bomb? If they do all this crap and then have the movie be a smash hit, I'm gonna be kinda peeved. It would be interesting to have it either bomb or not make it big (maybe be a cult hit) and have Vince knocked down a peg maybe (I don't think his career should totally freefall like some should, but having he and Ari go back to the ring and really fight for a movie again could be cool).

Last Sunday's episode, "Sorry, Harvey", was somewhat of an improvement, although the "omg dude that chick is totally a dude" subplot almost ruined it completely. My only amusement from watching Drama trying to enchant the mayor of Beverley Hills was that once again, we got to see Stephen Tobolowsky playing a sexually frustrated bureaucrat on HBO (ok, his character on JFC is not sexually frustrated yet, but I bet he will be!). The other two plots had Maury Chaykin revisiting his spittle-encrusted, actually slightly unnerving Harvey Weinstein impression as E tried to let him know that he and Vince had screwed him out of a movie once again, and Ari running around trying to find M. Night Shyamalan's misplaced new script.

Regarding E & Vince screwing Harvey once again: so, they pissed off the Warners guy, and now they've pissed off Harvey (who is obviously the kingpin indie producer). Is Vince INTENTIONALLY trying to shoot his own career in the foot? I mean, I've always dug how blase Grenier plays Vince about the Hollywood industry (really, it's what's endearing about the character--otherwise everyone who watched the show would hate him, considering how he stumbles into success). Still. I mean, really. Surely his name is MUD in the industry by now? It's ridiculous! Also: Chaykin is totally over the top, but how else are ya gonna spoof Harvey? When he screamed "I WILL EAT YOU ALIVE!" to Drama and Drama's eyes went as wide as saucers, I'll admit I laughed pretty hard. Easy joke to go for, but they nailed it. Harvey going too far in crucifying the obnoxious water was hilarious too.

Ari's plot was actually pretty funny, and one of the better celeb cameos Entourage had had in ages. Brett Ratner's "God how awesome am I, Hollywood?" bit the other week was vomitously bad but M. Night played himself just right--creepy, almost idiot savant-y, and kinda childish and oblivious. Either Night is well aware of how he's regarded in the industry or...he's that weird. Either is fine by me. It just made for a fun "Ari is really stressed out" story that managed to include his wife and Lloyd, but also included the industry and his agency, rather than something completely off-the-wall like getting his son into school or his schlubby friend's hot new wife. Ari's look of despair when he met with Night for the second time and Night produced a totally revised script for him to peruse--way old joke, but Piven played it just right. Nice to see the show do something well for a change.

Anyway, next week, I assume little will happen and hi-jinks will be had! At least Doug Ellin has assured his fans there will be no more superfluous penis nudity in Entourage from now on. So, consider that, devoted fans. Consider that.

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