Monday, August 27, 2007

Dude, Pushing Daisies

I showed this to Libby for the first time last night, and after she got done doing little dreamy sighs and talking about the general excellence of Anna Friel, she then said that I had to start pimping the show hard.

Consider it done, my sweet.

Expect further advice on what to watch this fall later, but know that Pushing Daisies is at the top of the list. I have concerns about how it will work as a series, but, God, I can't wait to see if they can solve those issues. And given how many of my issues with the pilot they solved IN THE COURSE OF THE PILOT, I'm feeling pretty damn safe.

Caveat: At least 30% of you will hate this.

Look, though! She's so cute!

Confidential to David: If you don't blog the absolute nadir of Entourage's celebrity cameos AND deux ex machinas which occurred in the EXACT SAME PLOT POINT, you are fired.


David Sims said...

Look. I mean, I really, really liked this show. The actors really sell the material.

BUT IT IS SO. EFFING. TWEE. There hasn't been anything this stylized on network in like, ages. I fear it could grate eventually? Just a fear. The cast is SO good that they really really do make it work.

Todd said...

That's my biggest fear too. That it will be the combination of Gilmore Girls, Northern Exposure and Moonlighting and I'll be choking on candy colors by episode five.

But you know what? I worried the same about Ugly Betty last year, and I didn't see how Friday Night Lights could be much beyond the pilot. I have faith in Fuller. Maybe this will completely fall apart, but no network is better at managing their shows to be better than they should be than ABC (they even made that really, really dull Men in Trees into something that was sort of enjoyable to have on while you folded socks).

Daniel said...

You probably DO fold socks. Libby would fold my socks FOR me.

In any event, I will be following your advice and make sure that I watch this. It had better be good!