Thursday, August 30, 2007

"I can't wait any more.": A collection of network promos presented sans most editorial commentary

For more on my love of this sadly underused genre, go here. Though I hear ABC has something like this running this year. Good for you, ABC!

(Probably the last really successful "network branding" was when The WB basically disinvited anyone over 34. Well, they could come over for 7th Heaven, but that was it. The WB reran this promo as the last thing ever shown on its airwaves, only it was the one that ended with the ginormous forehead of the VanderBeek staring up at the camera. Awwwww.)

(This, on the other hand, just makes me feel stupid for owning a television.)

(I don't especially miss Very Special Episodes, but this one looks like a doozy.)

(I miss you, Treat!)

(This is incredibly hard to see and the video and audio don't sync up, but it's full of some truly amusing moments from when ABC was in a nadir in the mid-80s, despite having Dynasty, and had to proclaim the excitement of "Webster!" and "Fall Guy!")

(Oh, hey! AIDS paranoia!)

(By 1990, ABC was feeling better. They had Full House, Wonder Years, Roseanne, etc. Even the dog wanted to watch ABC, saith this promo.)

(By the 2000s, networks couldn't haul all of their actors down to a soundstage to make them cavort, so they just did stuff like this. Contrary to whomever posted this, this clip is not especially prescient or ominous. Unless you're Jeff Zucker and you still wake up in sweats about trying to lure all of the Friends back for one more season.)

(I'll leave you with a little more vintage early '90s excitement.)


Carrie said...

Joshua Jackson! Dawson's Creek! Popular! Buffy! Joshua Jackson! Everwood! Felicity! Joshua Jackson!

Man, I miss the WB.

(Also: is that a very young Doug Savant in the Hotel clip?)

Todd said...

My wife and I have a long-standing argument about whether the cast of Buffy or the cast of Dawson's has had a more successful post-WB career. I've argued Buffy, due to the biggest-grossing movie (The Grudge) and the variety of cast members who went on to success on other TV shows. She argues Dawson's because of the Oscar.

So, you know.

But Joshua Jackson is totally ready to be rediscovered as the charmingly rougueish lead of an ABC ensemble drama.

Bianca Reagan said...

Ditto on Josh. He's still a hottie. I'm seeing him as a circa 1999 Rob Lowe, reentering the classy side of Hollywood on a new show called The West Wing.

Todd, you need to watch The N. They have the best branding I've seen on any network this decade. It's similar to The Disney Channel, but less obnoxious. The latest commercials on The N have the casts of Degrassi, Beyond the Break, South of Nowhere and The Best Years having an all night pool party. My favorite ones aired last year with the ____ Anonymous meetings. The Shirtless Boys one was semi-inappropriate, but highly satisfying. The actors are almost all my age, so legally it's okay to ogle them.