Wednesday, August 08, 2007

“I think I like her, in an ‘I want to be alone in a dark place with her’ kind of way. “: Kyle XY

I'll get to the meat of the show shortly, but I just have to brag for a minute: Brian Taylor is evil! I totally called it, albeit in a strangely obsessive manner! Good gracious, I'm smart. It's a burden, really. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Previously: everything that's happened on the show, ever. Seriously. They're long.

Tom Foss is back, and Kyle goes to him accusing him of hurting Lori and demanding answers as to where he disappeared to. Foss says that he did send those threatening photos to Declan, but it was only an empty threat and he would never actually hurt Lori. Kyle also shows him the "Don't Trust Foss" message from Adam Baylin, and Foss looks genuinely hurt and confused as to why Baylin would have written that. Kyle doesn't believe Foss, and cuts him out of his life for good.

This week in Trager family land, it's a classic case of while the cats are away the mice will play. Let me tell you from personal experience, nothing good has ever come out of that saying. Stephen and Nicole go out of town for the night and leave the kids to their own devices, even though last time they did this the kids threw a raging party. So naturally, the kids don't want to do anything rational or normal. Lori, still in the throes of her assault-instigated downward spiral, decides she wants to check out a murder scene in the woods. Hmm, this wouldn't happen to be the very murder scene from the first episode of the season where Jessi offed the redneck hunter? Something tells me it is.

Kyle immediately tries to put a stop to the plan because the murder scene happens to be right where Zzyzx was before he and Tom Foss blew it up. Lori will not be dissuaded though, and when a suddenly Kyle-focused Jessi shows up, Amanda's jealousy rears its ugly head and she asks to join as well. The whole group (including Andy and an awkwardly lovestruck Josh) make the trek and when they arrive, a drunk Lori decides to go wandering off on her own and wanders right towards the Zzyzx compound. Kyle and Declan go scurrying after her, while the rest of the group stays behind. While exploring the area, Jessi suddenly gets flashbacks to her pre-programmed days when she killed the hunter, which causes her to freak a bit and go after Kyle. Amanda, who is still leery of Jessi's sudden interest in Kyle, goes with her. I'm sure that will go well.

Once they get into the Zzyzx compound, Kyle starts having strange flashbacks to Zzyzx years long gone, when he was still in his incubator. From these flashbacks, he learns that Professor Kern (the scientist found murdered in the pilot) was actually a pretty bad dude and was running tests on Kyle including strategic war analysis. When he found that Kyle was making judgment calls instead of just being a computer, he tells Baylin he is pulling the plug on Kyle because he isn't reacting like he should. Baylin resists, but Kern has the support of the financial backers...and of Baylin's EVIL friend Brian Taylor! Taylor cleverly keeps his involvement with Kern hidden from Baylin, however, but he couldn't keep his evil ways hidden from me. That's right. These flashbacks do give him some interesting information, when he learns that when in his incubated state he somehow downloaded the entire Zzyzx mainframe into his head, and the flashbacks he's seeing aren't flashbacks but just security tapes from Zzyzx! The science on this show is so amazing, because since it is made up they can just add new made up things whenever it fits the story they want to tell. Those clever writers. The flashbacks also serve to show that Foss was the one who saved him when Kern was trying to have him killed. Aw, Foss. You big softy.

The rest of the teens underground aren't having such a good time. When Jessi starts cattily inquiring to Amanda why Kyle would even like her
(My favorite insult: "Is it because you're blond?"), Amanda gets her back up and tells Jessi to step off, and that Kyle is hers. I like jealous Amanda, she actually has a personality. Jessi's newly programmed brain doesn't agree with Amanda, and when she gets angry she goes all Carrie again and causes a little earthquake underground. This of course makes the already unstable Zzyzx compound start to collapse and traps Declan, Kyle, Lori, Amanda and Jessi inside while methane gas leaks in. Once they all finally find each other underground, Kyle conveniently uses his downloaded information and finds them a way out. Made up science to the rescue! Jessi is in the middle of a flashback-induced psychosis, so Kyle sends the rest of them out while he looks for her. He finds her and leads her out, but goes back in to retrieve a box from Adam Baylin's safe. When he emerges, he is barely breathing and Amanda issues her lifeguard-approved CPR to bring him back to life. Of course, their CPR ends in a passionate kiss. I repeat, Amanda is much more interesting with these jealous tendencies. Flaws look good on her.

Above ground, Josh is struggling with how to tell Andy he likes her and acting strangely because of it. She is acting weird herself, but still calls him out on his strange behavior. He says he wants to tell her something, and she says she does as well. They decide to both spill on the count of three, with Josh saying "I like you" and Andy saying "I have cancer." Poor Josh and Andy! I had a feeling she was going to be a cancer girl, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. I do think that it will give Josh some interesting character development, but I really enjoy Andy and the actress who plays her, and hope she doesn't have to die so Josh can learn An Important Lesson About Life and Love just like Shane West in A Walk to Remember. Oooh, maybe he will make her a telescope! And take her to straddle the state line so she is in two places at once! (Sorry, I was going into my own little flashback there. I love that stupid movie.)

In the end, Kyle goes to visit Foss and finds him trying to decode Baylin's warning message for himself. Foss's consternation over Baylin's supposed distrust of him is very endearing. Kyle thanks Foss for saving his life and they determine that someone must have tampered with Baylin's message because he definitely trusted Foss. Hmm, Brian Taylor perhaps? Now, their next task: to open the box Kyle took out of Baylin's safe at Zzyzx.

Next week: Kyle and Amanda fight because he is keeping secrets from her. Ugh. This better not become a Clark/Lana thing, or I'm out, or at least fast forwarding through all Amanda/Kyle scenes.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings: 2. A sighting and a mention in dialogue that was actually natural and not cringe-worthy.

- If you are not sticking around after Kyle XY to watch Greek, you should. It is the perfect summer series for teen drama fans.


Nea said...

I like jealous Amanda too. Kyle should not have gotten rid of that ring. I am sure that it is the key to the box he retrived from Baylin's safe. Plus the Madacorp bad guy was shown wearing it again in next weeks scenes.

Carrie said...

Ooo...Nea, good pickup. I didn't even think of the ring being the key to the box. I wonder what could possibly be in that box that's so important. Rambaldi juice, perhaps?

Page said...

hahahha, rambaldi juice, nice! the only thing better than tv talk is tv talk that references other shows. very smart, nea, i bet you're right. maybe it's just me but i giggle every time i say "zzyzx." i like the little andy character and that actress, let's hope they don't go all after school special on us. i've wanted to watch greek based on your earlier recommendation but i have some other tv commitment in that time slot, i can't remember now what it is. i'll have to catch it in re-runs.