Tuesday, August 21, 2007

“If you’re going to make up an imaginary girlfriend, at least dump her. Don’t let her dump you.”: My Boys

I’m not going to beat around the bush here: last night’s episode of My Boys (“Second Chances”) sort of sucked. There were a few stray laughs from ever-reliable ensemble players Jim Gaffigan and Jamie Kaler, but these laughs couldn’t make up for the weak storylines and the waste of a decent guest star.

Perhaps my expectations for the episode were heightened by the presence of guest star Jeremy Sisto, whom I usually enjoy. He has this smarmy, intense, charming, scary, psychotic energy radiating behind most of his characters that really keeps you on edge as a viewer. Unfortunately, though, episode writer/creator Betsy Thomas didn’t play to these strengths, having Sisto play straight. What did we learn from this endeavor? Straight Man Sisto is not funny. Crazy Creepy Sisto, that’s the funny! (See: Six Feet Under, where you will become simultaneously afraid of/enamored with his character and it will give you confusing feelings inside.)

Straight Man Sisto plays P.J.’s ex-boyfriend, who she shared the perfect summer with immediately post-college. They went their separate ways but didn’t get closure. Disappointingly predictably, after a great dinner P.J. thinks they have another chance, only to have him tell her he’s engaged and was only visiting her to get closure on their relationship and make sure he was ready to settle down with his fiancé for good. My Boys had the perfect opportunity for Sisto’s secret to be something legitimately crazy, and for him to act like a loon and get away with it, and I weep for missed opportunities because Crazy Creepy Sisto is hot. Straight Man Sisto is just puffy and blah.

The B-story involves a still-unemployed Mike begging for a job at Kenny’s sports memorabilia store. Kenny reluctantly agrees but immediately regrets this decision when Mike starts changing things in the store. Mike very excitedly (and cutely) comes up with an idea to start a ticket brokering business out of the store, and he and Kenny finally agree to go in on that business together, 50/50. This storyline isn’t fantastic, but it’s ten times more interesting than P.J.’s endeavors this week and at least offers a few solid laughs.

Overall, this was probably my least favorite episode of both seasons so far. Hopefully Brendan’s exploits next week as the new playboy in town will bring back the funny that was sorely lacking this week.

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Were people still making mixed tapes in 2000? I'm not a tech geek but even I had moved on to cds by then. That really distracted me.