Monday, August 13, 2007

"Is he still bitching about being bitchslapped by a bitch?": Entourage x 2

Hi. Yeah. I...don't know what to say about this show anymore. I'm someone who always tries to look on the bright side of quality slumps a show I like is enduring, but I've just had enough. I didn't review last week's ep, which was about Gary Busey throwing paint on Drama, because it was STUPID. I'll give you a little mini-review now: bringing back Busey, who's sorta acceptable as a ironic pop culture punchline ONE time (he previously appeared way back in either the first or second season, doing the exact same schtick) reeked so heavily of the laziness that imbues the show these days, I just could not summon up the energy to type my hatred for it. Ugh. Also: Scrubs did the Gary Busey joke so, so much better!

The B-plot in "Gary's Desk" involved what increasingly feels like the "let's insulate Jeremy Piven so he can win many more Emmys!" show. The same thing reared its head in yesterday's ep, "The Young and the Stoned". Last week, Ari tried to deal with warring twins in his agency on the day of big client Mary J. Blige's arrival. This week, Ari tried to stop his wife from macking on a Latino beefcake in a guest appearance on The Young and the Restless. Now, Piven as Ari is always gonna be somewhat funny, no matter how damningly bad the material, but the crap they've given him this year has been so eye-rollingly lame, it really feels like the show has lost its MVP. Throwing him into the mix with the boys would improve both their material and Ari's, and it's sad every week in which they don't interact.

Now, Mary J. Blige's appearance last week, and Anna Faris' this week, is my next criticism with a problem I feel is mounting on this show. The celeb cameos in Entourage have always been kinda self-serving, but now it feels like there's not even a joke to be in on anymore. I don't explicitly have a problem with Blige or Faris, but the "oh hey look, it's X!" way they're introduced just emphasizes the lameness of it all. I like things like Scarlett Johansson's genuinely "ooh wow!" appearance in season 1, or Mandy Moore actually getting to play herself as a character, or one-off scene-chewers like James Woods, but Anna Faris? Really? The girl from Scary Movie and a few episodes of Friends? They couldn't rustle up someone who like, has a personality for E to bump off of? Watching E and Faris together was literally like, a black hole of blandness. Hopefully we don't have to snore through anymore of it. In the case of Blige, the "wow isn't this special guest star such an INCREDIBLE SUPERSTAR?" over-adulation act should be explicitly avoided by a show like Entourage. This is supposed to be a snipey insider comedy about Hollywood, not a chance for entertainers to get a little publicity.

I'm not even gonna write about what actually went down in "The Young and the Stoned"--basically, Turtle got some weed and some hot girls, and after some harmless hi-jinks with the cops, everyone except for E got high and had sex. Woo. Never seen that before. There's three eps left this season, which hopefully means there will be SOME plot movement to keep things maybe a little interesting, but I have a sinking feeling that's way too optimistic.


Bianca Reagan said...

Turtle got some weed and some hot girls, and after some harmless hi-jinks with the cops, everyone except for E got high and had sex. Woo. Never seen that before.

So true. Poor E. Isn't Drama supposed to be working? Shouldn't Vince have a job by now? What is he paying Ari and E for?

Todd VanDerWerff said...

I can't believe this show is sort of making me hate the Piv.

David Sims said...

LOL I know, Drama does not seem to be affected by the terrible hours of working in television at all!

And Todd, I know what you mean. :(

Anonymous said...

but more importantly where can we see stills of ari's wife in underwear? that was a nice surprise for us shallow guys.