Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"My head so big, you can't sit behind me." Track Review: Kanye West, Ft. Lil' Wayne, "Barry Bonds"

This is a pairing that is as logical as it is suspect. However, you can speculate on the timing of the dubious duet all you like, it doesn't change the uber coolness going on here. West is just on fire for his verses on the curiously titled, "Barry Bonds." Kanye is always better when that breezy confidence takes over and manifests itself in his voice. He can always be cocky, but it's when he ceases to try so hard that he actually comes across as a genuine talent. And, of course, he's always had that odd flow where he can't really seem to keep up with his thoughts (no matter how forced or clever they may be) or the beat, for that matter, but on "Barry Bonds" he is calculated and full of himself in the absolute best way possible. Wayne shines in a slightly smaller way due to mic time and a general incoherence, but still delivers the right nudges when the track seems seems that it's about to drag. The song, in this respect, makes for an intriguing listen seeing as anyone can tell you that "Weezy" (as it were) can pretty much mop the respective floor with West lyrically any day of the week...or so I'm told. No matter. Ultimately, these are two very different artists, and their coming together, while lucrative and mildly suspicious, is bound to bring about fantastic results.

You can listen to "Barry Bonds" here...for now.

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