Thursday, August 30, 2007

Open thread: Which WB stalwart's cast did the best for itself after cancellation?

Which of The WB's "big three" from the late 90s had the regular cast that went on to do the most? Make your argument in the comments!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Check out the cast here.

The argument you can make here is that most of the players have gone on to some level of success in television, be that recurring arcs (Charisma Carpenter), TV movies (Emma Caulfield) or roles on successful series (David Boreanez, Alyson Hannigan). But outside of a handful of movies for Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar (the American Pies, The Grudge), there's been little success on the big screen. Anthony Stewart Head has been successful in British television.

Dawson's Creek

Check out the cast here.

The best argument here is that Michelle Williams is an OSCAR NOMINEE, as well as mother to a very cute baby. The Beek and Jackson haven't really set the world on fire post-Creek (though the Beek squeezed out some big film roles early in the show's run), while Kerr Smith and Meredith Monroe seem stuck in 13-episodes-and-done hell. And then there's Katie Holmes. . .

Still, Williams' Oscar nomination is a pretty big plus in the Dawson's Creek category, as is the Beek's early film success.


Check out the cast here.

The Felicity cast's success often seems directly dependent on show co-creator J.J. Abrams giving them steady employment. But recently, Keri Russell and Greg Grunberg have found success outside of Abrams productions (in Waitress and Heroes respectively). Scott Speedman's in the Underworld movies, and Scott Foley's in The Unit. But, all in all, the success of this cast matches up well with the success of Buffy's cast, and the Buffy gang has been ever-so-slightly more successful.

So, for me, it all comes down to how heavily you weigh popular success vs. critical success. Do you go with the Oscar nomination, or the large number of successful projects?

I say Buffy. What say you?


Carrie said...

If you go most famous cast, it's easily Dawson's Creek because of crazy Katie Holmes, her crazy husband and their ridiculously cute baby. Michelle Williams also got a lot of attention when she married/spawned with Heath Ledger.

As for success...I don't know. Until she married the crazy one, Katie Holmes seemed to have a promising film career but who knows what will happen now. Michelle Williams will have a long and successful film career but it will be filled with indie and quirky projects and won't be mainstream. It will probably get her more award nominations, though, to emphasize how Dawson's Creek completely screwed up by not giving her character more to do on the show. Joshua Jackson, if he would stop vacationing in fancy European locations with his new girlfriend, could be a TV star but I doubt he'll ever be a movie star (unfortunately) and he needs to realize that and go out hard for pilots. The Beek is...the Beek. His pilots never get picked up. He's guest starring on Ugly Betty, though, which makes me sad because I like that show. Meredith Monroe has a recurring part on Criminal Minds, and who knows about Kerr Smith. I would argue that this makes them very successful and put them a notch above Buffy for the Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes factor.

As for Buffy, I see your point that The Grudge made a lot of money but other than that Sarah Michelle Gellar's film career has been really disappointing. The rest of the cast will never be film stars, but have carved up a nice TV resume for themselves. When I think "success" as an actor, though, my mind automatically goes to film for some reason, and they are lacking in that aspect.

In Felicity, do you include Jennifer Garner? She was never in the credits but had a decent sized part. If so, they win by a landslide.

Todd said...

Yeah. I just don't consider Katie Holmes that big of a movie star. Her most successful movie was Batman Begins, where she was about seventh on the list of reasons to see the movie, and she was pretty much the most-criticized thing ABOUT the movie. And she was the only cast member replaced for the sequel (by VDW-home-favorite Maggie Gyllenhaal).

I agree Williams has a bright career ahead of her if she wants it. Jackson COULD have a good career, but he needs to hook up with the right producer or director.

But I agree, marginally, that DC's cast probably had the most film success. Really, though, none of these WB shows launched an actor where you would see a movie JUST FOR THEM. They're all very much TV stars, though a few have the presence to play character parts in movies.

And I don't count Garner. If we counted guest stars, it would be no contest. Felicity would win. Although then Buffy would ALSO get an Oscar nominee to its credit, thanks to Amy Adams.

Carrie said...

I think I'm giving Katie Holmes extra credit because of how much I liked Wonder Boys. She wasn't even that memorable in the part, but I just love that movie.

You're right about guest stars. I think I remembered Garner's part as being larger because it was so significant to the storyline and not because it was a particularly sizable part.

I don't remember Amy Adams from Buffy. That bugs me, considering I pride myself on stuff like that.

I've seen several movies just for Joshua Jackson, because I'm a fangirl. Several horrible, horrible movies (Cursed, Americano, Shadows of the Sun, Bobby - which wasn't completely horrible and I didn't see it all for him, but close enough). He does have one decent film: Aurora Borealis, an indie that was unfortunately only released as a Lifetime movie. It was predictable, yet still quite good and he was good in it. It's worth renting from Netflix, at least.

Todd said...

Man, I love Wonder Boys something fierce, but I TOTALLY FORGOT she was in that movie. But she's completely unneeded the movie's success, which is more about its screenplay and incredibly solid Michael Douglas performance. So that's probably why I forgot (I seem to be starting lots of sentences with conjunctions lately).

While digging around for the right DC credits to post last night, I remembered how incredibly super-attractive Katie Holmes was in the first two years of the show or so. I don't know what happened to her then, but I just lost interest. Similarly, my thing for SMG disappeared around season four of Buffy, but that you can trace to her ridiculous amount of weight loss. Alyson Hannigan for life!

Amy Adams was Tara's cousin in the season five episode Family. I wouldn't have known this except I somehow saw that episode immediately after seeing Junebug two years ago.

RC said...

definitly dawson's creek.

and wonderboys is awesome...

now dawson's creek looses mega points for title character played by james vanderbeek falling off the map, but the other 3 are playing to game (joshua jackson has some catch up work, but at least he got a role in Estevez's bobby)

Carrie said...

Todd, season 4 is when Katie Holmes dropped a bunch of weight and lost that girl next door glow that was so wonderful about her in the first three seasons. Ever since then, she's just looked haggard. Sad, because she's a very pretty girl. Eat, actresses, eat! Look at Mandy Moore. Pretty and glowy, and EATS!