Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"The truth is out there! Resistance is futile!": Kyle XY

Despite the writers' best efforts, most episodes of Kyle XY that focus on the show's ever-expanding mythology usually fall flat. Monday's episode "House of Cards" was a welcome departure from that trend, as Kyle, Declan and Tom Foss's mission to break into Madacorp made for one of the most entertaining episodes of the season so far.

The episode opens with Kyle examining the mysterious box he retrieved from Adam Baylin's safe at the Zzyzx compound ruins in the previous episode. Looking at the lock, he realizes he will need Baylin's ring to open it. Too bad he pawned the ring in order to get into Amanda's pants. Props to eagle-eyed commenter (and all-around swell gal) Nea, who noticed the similarities between the lock on Baylin's box and Kyle's missing ring last week. When Kyle tells Foss he pawned the ring, Foss has a bit of a hissy fit and tells him the ring means "more than he knows." Later in the episode, evil Brian Taylor calls it a "Latnock ring," which I'm thinking is some sort of evil secret society and the true big bad controlling Madacorp. Interesting. When Stephen brings his boss Evil Madacorp Dude
(who finally gets a name -- Julian Ballantine) home for dinner Kyle sees him with the ring and alarm bells go off in his head. I honestly didn't realize Foss and Kyle didn't know Madacorp controlled the Zzyzx project.

Once Kyle realizes they need to get the ring in order to open the box, he brings Declan to Foss and they formulate a plan to break into Madacorp and steal it while Ballantine is busy with Stephen testing some weird new MRI-type machine or computer or body scanner or something. I don't know. It's science-y. First, though, Foss and Declan have a little pissing contest over who is Kyle's one true love. Now, now, boys. Jealousy is not becoming.

Back at the Trager house, Emily Hollander is setting up clues to make it look like she and Stephen had an affair while they were out of town on business together last weekend. Stephen doesn't help his case any by not even telling his family that Emily was on the trip with him, and on that plot point I call bullshit. It's completely out of character and serves only to set up the storyline. Nicole is a bit concerned, but Lori really gets bent out of shape when she overhears Emily saying she lost her contacts right before the hotel conveniently calls to let Stephen know he left a pair of contacts in his hotel room. Lori looks devastated.

In Jessi's latest therapy session she tells Nicole about the strange memories/dreams she's been having of escaping fires and murdering redneck hunters. In a nice bit of continuity, Nicole suggests she draw her memories to help her sort through them just as she did with Kyle when she first started treating him. When Nicole sees Jessi's identical drawing style a huge light bulb goes off in her head. It's about time someone noticed the similarities between the two. Jessi makes some interesting discoveries of her own when she goes home and finds evidence of Emily's daughter Paige in Emily's room and decides to go pay Paige a visit at school. Emily is sufficiently creeped out, but I can't really feel sorry for her because she really brought this on herself by taking such a strange job in the first place.

Finally it's time for the best part of the episode - the raid on Madacorp. The plan is basically this: Kyle will get Stephen to get him clearance to enter by lying and telling him he left something in Stephen's office and Declan will create a disturbance to allow Kyle to breach the security system while the guards are distracted and allow Foss, pretending to be a guard, to retrieve the ring with Kyle's electronic assistance via the security system. It's a fun little plan full of twists and turns, and the editing and pacing are perfect. The best part is Declan's distraction, which is basically to act batshit crazy, spray painting "MADACORP IS PEOPLE" (heh) on the front of the building and talking in sci-fi gibberish. Also of note is that while in the Madacorp security system Kyle finds evidence of his code name "781227" and also of a "781228." Dun dun DUN.

Of course, things don't go as planned and everything falls apart when Lori shows up at Madacorp to give her father a piece of her mind about his supposed cheating ways. As the boys are trying to escape in full-on abort mode, Declan's trick ankle gives out and Foss must create a diversion by beating up some security guards. When they see Ballantine racing down the hall to capture them, Declan rigs the elevator using an old MacGyver trick and Kyle manages to grab the ring right off Ballantine's hand as he reaches in the elevator to try to stop them from escaping. This is patently ridiculous, but totally fun so I can't even bring myself to care about the implausibility. Once he's home, Kyle uses the ring to open Baylin's box and finds a picture of a young Adam Baylin with a woman who looks exactly like Jessi. Finally, everyone is starting to realize Jessi isn't who she seems!

Now, the sad part. I've been saving this story for last because it is just killing me. When Josh tries to reach out to Andy and talk to her about her cancer, she tells him she is going in for more tests to see if the cancer has returned and rebuffs any effort he makes to comfort her. Confused, Josh talks to Nicole about what is going on and in the process Jean-Luc Bilodeau breaks my heart. He's never had the chance to really show any range before, but he knocks this scene right out of the park. Nicole gives him the very good advice to just be there for her, and Andy will come to him when she needs his help. Later, Josh does just this when Andy tells him her cancer has returned and he sweetly finds a way to be there for her without making her feel like a freak. They are so cute, you guys. If Andy dies, I am going to cry right into my bag of Sour Patch Kids.

Next week: Kyle and Jessi compare belly buttons, or lack thereof. Amanda disapproves.

Random thoughts:
- Sour Patch Kid sightings: 0

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