Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"When did you become Burt Reynolds?": My Boys

How much of ourselves do we really reveal to our friends? Last night's fine episode of My Boys explores this phenomenon with a lot of humor and a little bit of grace, with some shame thrown in as a fun bonus.

The episode starts out with a bit of subterfuge from Kenny, who apparently has a new girlfriend he's never introduced to the gang and so therefore they think she doesn't actually exist. Kenny tries to convince them she does by taking them to a Brazilian steakhouse (a.k.a. Churrascaria) she introduced him to on the ritzy side of town. Let me just say: yum. No matter what they say to the contrary during this episode, women can definitely appreciate delicious grilled meat served table side until you can't stuff any more flesh into your craw. (That came out a little more graphic than I originally intended, but I stand behind the sentiment. Meat = awesome.)

Unfortunately for the gang, it seems the "meat baby" in Mike's stomach turns him into somewhat of a savage and the boys, sans P.J. and Stephanie, look for a bar in the area to calm down his inner meat-beast. On their way they run into Bobby, and despite his repeated protests they end up at Bobby's apartment for the first time. When they walk in it becomes immediately apparent that Bobby has been keeping a big secret: he's loaded. It turns out his family comes from money
and owns the apartment building Bobby lives in. ("Isn't there a Newman wing at the hospital?" and "I went to college on a Newman grant...thanks." were my favorite references to his family's wealth and stature in the community.) He didn't want to tell them about the money because it has affected his friendships in the past, as the apartment is the only perk he takes from the family's money now. The gang is sufficiently impressed by the apartment and gives Bobby the ribbing you would expect when you find out your friend's family runs in the same circles as presidents and dignitaries.

In polar opposite secret news, Stephanie admits to being $22,000 in debt when her car is towed after dinner at the Churrascaria. P.J. enlists Andy's help to curb her spending, which leads to some funny Gaffigan shenanigans as he convinces Stephanie she must cut up her credit cards and move out of her fancy apartment and into something more affordable. Despite some initial wavering, Stephanie submits to the changes in stride, although P.J. convinces Andy they shouldn't give up their trip to Italy just yet. They keep mentioning this trip to Italy, which will supposedly include two mystery guys as their travel companions, so I'm thinking this is going to be an important plot point for the season finale. Will Brendan end up being P.J.'s mystery Italy man?

In the end, even after all secrets are revealed the gang still manages to escape with their friendships intact. At their request, Bobby tells them one cool "rich guy" story involving his 16th birthday, making out with Chelsea Clinton (is that really such a score?) and a Porsche. He plays it off like he made it up, but the little wink he gives to Kenny makes me think it might just be true. Either that, or the wink shared with Kenny meant he knew Kenny was making up his girlfriend and would keep his secret. I couldn't quite figure it out. What do you guys think?

Next week: Jeremy Sisto! I like him. He's tall and slightly disturbing, like he might either kiss you or kill you at any moment. Or maybe both.


Bianca Reagan said...

Jeremy Sisto! I like him. He's tall and slightly disturbing, like he might either kiss you or kill you at any moment. Or maybe both.

Insightful description!

I didn't see the wink to Kenny. I'll have to watch again. I like that someone as cute as Bobby considers making out with Chelsea Clinton a plus. It gives hope to average ladies like myself.

Sazbo said...


When Kenny's make believe girlfriend didn't show up at the meat bar and Stephanie did show up I thought for just a second that we were in for a "they hated each other so much they fell in love" story. Glad I was wrong.

Though it would be awesome if it ended up being Brendan and Kenny as the mystery not-so dates to Italy. I'd love an entire vacation of Kenny and Stephanie going at it.