Friday, September 28, 2007

Big Shots and CSI: open thread

I didn't like Big Shots much. It might, indeed, have been my least favorite pilot of the fall season. But maybe you guys loved it! Prove me wrong.

And I hear there was a big cliffhanger resolution on CSI. What did you think? I haven't watched it yet.


Jon Delfin said...

"CSI": satisfying. The part of "Big Shots" I watched: ten minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Carrie said...

Big Shots is HORRIBLE. The only pilot I watched that I hated more was Cashmere Mafia, but that's a midseason show and therefore does not count.

It takes a lot for me to hate something with Michael Vartan in it.

Todd said...

I just watched CSI, and it was an all right premiere for a show I just don't enjoy enough to watch week to week anymore. I was a HUGE CSI fan back in the early seasons, but at some point, the whole thing just became too portentious for its own good -- how many people can die in creatively awful fashion before it becomes unbearable to look at? I DO sort of like the CBS house style, where it feels as if the whole of America is perched on the brink of falling into the mouth of Hell, but I'm just over this show. I didn't even care if Sara lived or died (maybe because I was pretty sure she would live).

Oh well.

Side note: Is anyone else surprised that shows they stopped watching are still on the air, even when they're huge hits? And that the characters on those shows see life go on?

Justin said...

I think Big Shots was actually worse than Cashmere Mafia, which is saying a lot.

Just beyond horrible. Its the first pilot that I've almost turned off midway through; but I actually wanted to see the trainwreck, almost.