Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cane: open thread

There's a good way to start a dark, ravishing soap, and there's a bad way to start a dark, ravishing soap. Cane falls somewhere in the middle, and that somehow makes it duller than either theoretical show proposed above. While a series set in a multi-generational Hispanic family has a lot of potential and it would be nice to have a Dallas for the new millennium (though sugar? really?), Cane throws way too much at the audience in the pilot to really make an impression. You're left clinging to Jimmy Smits, who's a great television presence, and a lot of characters you don't entirely know.

I admire the show for playing around in the moral murkiness of big business (particularly in the show's closing moments), and it's nice that it's pulling in modern issues (the war in Iraq! the attempts by the U.S. to reduce dependence on foreign oil!), but this just doesn't feel like a television series quite yet. I'll probably keep an eye on it because Tuesdays at 10 don't really have anything else to interest me, and I did like Jimmy Smits, but Cane is going to have to go through some painful growing pains before it gets anywhere near the simple pleasures of good folding socks TV like Brothers & Sisters.


Matthew Perpetua said...

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting this show to fail, and fail very quickly, just so Nestor Carbonell can go back to being on Lost.

David Sims said...

Yeah, I'm with Matthew. This show looks boring, and it's a major waste of a lot of big talent. I think it's a cool idea to try and do a modern Latino Dallas, but looks like they got this one wrong. You gotta figure ABC would have done it better. Get Carbonell back on Lost NOW. It's not too late! Go, CBS, and cancel fast!