Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"He’s a Bobbleganger.": My Boys

What do you do when you lose your passion for a show, yet you must write about it every week? This is the challenge My Boys is starting to present. Ostensibly, nothing about the show has changed: it still features a fine cast with great chemistry, relatable situations, and a few genuine laughs per episode. Why, then, do the last several episodes feel so uninspired?

Monday night's episode, "The Estates of Hoffman," centered around the gang's first trip to Andy's house in the suburbs, a premise rife with possibilities. It started out promisingly enough, with a decently funny carpool where Stephanie, Mike, P.J. and Brendan crammed into Kenny's little compact car. After debating the rules of calling shotgun (Stephanie called it via text message first thing in the morning), Stephanie starts the ride by asking, "Shotgun picks the music, right?" No, dear. Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cakehole. Her "music" of choice is an Italian language instruction tape, tying in nicely to the "who will Stephanie and P.J. take to Italy" theme they've been shoving down our throats the past few weeks. The gang objects, but after enduring Stephanie's endless ramblings about her new boyfriend Lance, they lament and listen to the tapes. When they arrive, Kenny is the only one who can speak Italian with any sort of proficiency. Hmm. Foreshadowing? Will Kenny accompany one of the ladies to Italy? I've always suspected there was some love behind Kenny and Stephanie's animosity.

Once they arrive at Andy's house, the boys immediately meet a total MILF and the chase is on. Strangely, they are very competitive and cutthroat in their attention-grabbing tactics, undermining the other guys any opportunity they get. We've never seen this side of them before, and I don't know if I buy it. I might buy it more if it was funny, but unfortunately it is not. In fact, when Brendan tells the MILF Mike is an alcoholic, it just seems kind of mean. (One amusing side note to this storyline, though, is the sighing of Bobby's doppelganger, dubbed "Bobbleganger." Hee. They could have run with that joke a bit more, but the two mentions we got were hilarious.) Once the actual Bobby arrives, the hunted MILF immediately makes a play for him and leaves the other three men in the dust. Apparently Bobby got the "vouch" from Andy's wife Meredith. That's what you get for being competitive, boys.
P.J. also has a little bit of luck at the party, meeting a cute botanist named Evan. The next day he calls her and asks her on a date, and she accepts.

The main theme of the episode is the fear of turning into your parents, a fear I can totally relate to as I fear I'm turning into my mother at least once a day. It's inevitable, I suppose. When P.J. points out that Andy bought a house exactly like the one they grew up in, Andy realizes he may be turning into his father. This fear is confirmed when Andy's mother forces Meredith to announce her pregnancy to the whole party before she's even told Andy. He reacts like his father, sitting on a deck chair with a drink and staring blankly into space like their father has been doing for years, but tells P.J. at least he is turning into their father and not their mother.

The main problem with the show right now is it feels very generic. Things are generally sort of amusing, but the show feels like it is moving in slow motion. The jokes are slower and the one-liners are few and far between. I think I'm waiting for them to knock one out of the park and hit the home run I know they are capable of delivering
(note the tie-in sports analogy there).

Next week is the season finale and the whole episode appears to be centered around the big trip to Italy. P.J. and Stephanie have three days to decide who to bring as dates! It's supposed to be the most shocking last two minutes EVER! Although I feel very apathetic about the show as a whole right now that definitely peaked my interest, and I sort of can't wait to find out what happens! I'm so easy.

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Bianca Reagan said...

I liked this episode. That Evan guy has a Scott Baio-familiarity about him. What happened to Colleen? I loved Bobby with the "DeVry Institute?" "No, University of Phoenix." Oh, life in the suburbs.