Sunday, September 16, 2007

Live Blogging the Emmys with David!

23.11: HOW DARE YE PLAY MUSIC OVER DAVID CHASE. YOU GO DIE NOW. Anyway, it's all over! Weirdly, not as bad as I thought it would be, but the ceremony itself was weird and stilted. But, c'mon. 30 Rock, Sopranos? Yes. Anyway I really have to go to bed. Goodnight fellas!

23.10: Chase thanks James Gandolfini and Edie Falco and so on. And...the musicians who licensed their music to appear on the show. Chase, always with the anti-climaxes!

23.09: Ugh. This is probably the last time we'll see them all together. This is so great, but so sad!


23.07: Best Drama Series. Presented by Helen Mirren? She's so drunk.

23.04: Are you KIDDING me? ANOTHER ad break? That was like a 30 second speech! I didn't even see if Alec Baldwin was in the crowd. But yeah. Even though AD won this and didn't manage to last too long, I'm really happy for them. Maybe they can nab a few more viewers now!

23.03: I am SO thrilled. For Tina Fey. This is fantastic for the show. Really, it is. What a great win!

23.02: OMG YES YES YES 30 ROCK YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23.01: Kelsey Grammar and Patty Heaton present best comedy.

22.57: Todd just said, James Spader always makes these things end poorly. How true. Still like the guy, but three out of four? Anyway, last ad break.

22.56: "Where the hell is Elaine Stritch if you need her?". Teehee!

22.55: And the winner is--JAMES SPADER. Well, bollocks. I guess Gandolfini has plenty already. And I kinda like James Spader. But still. Ugh.

22.53: Cute as ever. Not as KERAZY as Sally but go America. USA! USA! Now, Smits and Kate Walsh to present Actor Drama, I figure.

22.52: Emmy goes to America. Good for her! It would have been really cruel had she lost.

22.51: Shatner and Messing to present Lead Actress Comedy. Will America be upset? I

22.43: In memoriam. This stuff always gets me, cause I forget how many people died? Aaaand ad break. Wooh.

22.42: I love Sally Field. She gives the best speeches. And she's so obviously like, really nice? She dedicates her award to the mothers of the world. From anyone else it'd be totally gross and cheesy, but from Sally Field...LOL actually she's just going crazy now. I love her. She wanted to say something about war, but she lost it. Two wacky wins. Awesome! Almost makes up for two hours of NOTHING.

22.41: Laurie and Huffman present Lead Actress in a Drama to...SALLY FIELD! YES! YES! YES!

22.40: Carrell raids the stage and the three of them jump around like maniacs. I giggled, but WTF? GERVAIS? Not that deserved, IMO! But Gervais backlash IS in full swing in the UK.

22.39: Lead Actor in a Comedy Series goes to...RICKY GERVAIS!? And he's not even there! WTF!???!?!?!?!

22.38: OK, this is going on too long.

22.37: Funny banter about environmentalism. These guys just have great chemistry. It's the only problem with them being split up.

22.35: Colbert (who lost all his Emmys again tonight) and Jon Stewart. Awesome. Colbert has a leaf-blower. Awesome.

22.29: The Amazing Race wins reality show AGAIN. What's so great about this show?! AND ANOTHER AD BREAK. AAAAAAGH!

22.28: WTF. This show will obviously be really BAD. Rainn barely salvaged that.

22.26: This is lame. And not funny.

22.25: It seems the rumors were true. Rainn Wilson will be rap-battling Kanye West. At the songs of Kanye West. Or something. Kanye West sure is cool! But Rainn is workin' it anyway.

22.23: Ryan is wearing Henry VIII clothes. For no discernible reason except he can't tell any jokes. And now it's Wayne Brady! Who has evolved into a great guest star. Except he's plugging whatever lame new show he's presenting this season.

22.18: Daniels' speech was odd. The music kinda cut him off. ANOTHER ad break. AGGGGh

22.16: Writing in a comedy series goes to Greg Daniels for The Office, Gay Witch Hunt. Deserved, although I wanted 30 Rock to take it.

22.15: The crowd sighs wistfully as Stritch leaves the stage. She should host next year! Nobody cares about Shepherd's speech, clearly.

22.14: Stritch could do anything up there and get away with it. Directing Comedy goes to...Richard Shepherd for Ugly Betty's pilot. Ooh. Will it nab Comedy Series too?

22.12: Aaaaand here's Tucci and Stritch! Almost as odd a pairing. Elaine Stritch is still sharp, though! Even as she fails to read the teleprompter. Giggle.

22.10: Anthony Anderson and Teri Hatcher--an obvious pair, of course. Guest Actor/Actress in a Comedy now. Tucci and Stritch won, if you didn't know.

22.09: Tony Bennett wins. I am officially sick of this. Officially. At least he's classy and not wind-baggy. He's also sitting next to Kanye West, which is cool.

22.08: The stars of Til Death! Who cares? Stupid Fox. Brad Garrett is being disgusting. Variety/Comedy perf.

22.07: Al looks like he's asleep standing up. He's like a big red-faced penguin.

22.05: Al Gore gets a standing O. Maybe he'll announce his candidacy NOW!

22.03: Ryan Seacrest decided to banter with Tony Sirico. Bad idea. Masi Oka is talking to us from a mac. He's so cute! He's also introducing the President of Myspace. This is boring. It's about Al Gore or something. This is too Oscars-lite.

22.01: I am begging to tire. E! is very depressing. An hour to go.

21.57: Prime Suspect wins Writing too. I should sit down and watch those sometime. Ad break. Freakin' 'eck.

21.55: two people I've never heard of take the stage. One of them is the gal from Cold Case, who looks really thin. Creepy. Directing in Miniseries/Movie. Philip Martin wins for Prime Suspect. Woo. GET BACK TO THE GOOD STUFF! Although he is charming and English. Like me. I wish.

21.54: Who let Lewis onstage? Especially on FOX! Weird? And now he's just wandering off. And people wonder why these things last so long! "Look for Lewis Black this fall, on Valium", says Seacrest. Oh Ryan, you card.

21.51: Lewis Black emerged from a trapdoor and is lecturing us about TV ads and squeezing the end credits into a little box. This speech is too sincere to be funny. He's getting a lot of applause though?

21.50: Helen Mirren wins her fourth Emmy (two in a row!). Residual The Queen love, plus she's always great in Prime Suspect. She's also very funny! Plus, fun cutaways to hubby Taylor Hackford and his awesome white beard. "You Americans are wonderfully generous people", she says. Well, they have awarded her about a half-ton of statues this past year.

21.49: Sally Field and Patrick Dempsey. BIG CHEER! Deserved. Sally is looking really great. Patrick too, but like, whatever. They should hook up! Best Actress in a Miniseries/Movie.

21.45: Ad break? WTF!? Will the cast still be there when we get back? That was odd. If The Sopranos doesn't win Drama Series, I think everyone is going to be seriously surprised.

21.43: If I wake up tomorrow and read praise of that, this world is officially crazy. Now, the whole cast of The Sopranos goes on stage. Like, THE WHOLE CAST. Including Bogdanovich and Tim Daly and the FBI agent and everyone.

21.41: They're not even really singing about the Sopranos? I mean, what does Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You have to do with a montage of all the famous whackings on the Sopranos? I bet if we cut to the audience, they'd look uneasy.

21.40: No, this is just weird. Sorry.

21.38: Joe Mantegna introduces the Jersey Boys who will serenade the Sopranos. This is somewhat bizarre. Even for the Emmys. Especially considering Frankie Valli was actually ON The Sopranos?

21.36: Glenn Close, Kyra Sedgwick and Mary-Louise Parker. The divas of cable TV! Which Glenn promptly points out. And MLP is supercool as always. Made-for-TV-Movie. Who will win? Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. I thought that was supposed to be overrated? Oh well, I guess it looked good and was on HBO.

21.32: That was boring. Ad break.

21.30: CEO of the academy. This is always fun. NOT.

21.29: Judy Davis wins for The Starter Wife. She's won a few of these, hasn't she? Marcia Cross says "I have no idea where she is". Classy.

21.27: Y'know, he's no great shakes, but Seacrest isn't doing a TERRIBLE job. Maybe I'm just not sick of him cause I don't see American Idol. Mark Harmon and Marcia Cross presenting Supporting Actress in a Miniseries/Movie now.

21.24: Variety/Comedy/Music special goes to: Tony Bennett. Sigh. Wanda Sykes lost for her special. At least they're not giving Emmys to someone like Barry Mannilow...oh. Right.

21.23: Daily Show. SURPRISE SURPRISE! Is that six in a row now? I can't be mad at Jonny. I love him so much. Jon is being funny, of course. His producers seem excited and nerdy. I wish I was one of them. ONE OF THEM. Yay for TDS. Good speech!

21.22: Somewhat amusing Office clip. Jenna Fischer is really pretty. Best Variety/Comedy Series. C'mon Colbert!

21.21: Steve Carrell. Cut to Colbert and Stewart. Stiffie #2!

21.15: Chase is classy but still scary. Thanks the cast. He'll be back, with them, at the end of the night. Mark my words. Ad break.

21.14: NPH and Hayden are back! Weird! Writing in a Drama, now. Three Sopranos noms, all deserved. David Chase wins for writing the finale. Good on him. He's so misanthropic, I love him.

21.13: Taylor references a scary speech countdown clock. I'm imagining the clock from Lost. He also thanks Steve Buscemi "for Pine Barrens alone". Word. He said something in German. What was it?

21.12: Go Peter Berg! He'll never win. Alan Taylor wins for The Sopranos. Deserved. And a good sign of them winning Drama Series.

21.10: Hayden and NPH! Funny! Hayden looks weird, and isn't funny. NPH looks awesome, and is funny. This is about Creative Arts Emmys. Nobody cares about any of them except for Guest Acting. So, they tell us of them now. And then introduce Leslie Caron, who won. Weird? And she's presenting Directing in a Drama. That was oddly hackneyed.

21.09: You don't play Robert Duvall off the stage! HOW DARE YOU, EMMY ORCHESTRA!

21.06: Lou Gossett Jr. is such a cool guy. I mean, it's a Roots tribute, and he's still badass. He should be in more stuff. They're presenting Best Miniseries. Broken Trail wins. Apparently that was good, then?

21.05: It's the cast of Roots! Featuring Geordie LaForge, John Amos and Ed Asner. Standing O! Long shot of Sally Field! Long shot of Shonda Rhimes!

21.03: longest ad break ever. Ugh. I got tea, though! Queen Latifah presents something about Roots. Fun!

20.56: Robert Duvall wins. Everyone likes Duvall, so good for him! He's so hot! Classy speech. Ad break!

20.55: I don't like that Ali Larter is holding Kief. LET HIM GO, NIKI/JESSICA! Lead Actor Miniseries.

20.53: Alec Baldwin presents directing in Variety/Comedy. Safe category for him. Weird white suit. Won by Rob Marshall, director of Chicago, for the Tony Bennett thing. His second Emmy I think.

20.50: It's the greenest Emmys ever, Ryan tells us. Christina Aguilera and Tony Bennett are performing now. AKA I'm gonna go make tea. Back in a couple mins.

20.49: I hate E! ads so much. I wish I could watch this on FOX. Damn you, England!

20.44: These guys are always the best. "Katherine Heigl's mother said we would win". Lol. They might have had the best montage, too. Let Conan talk! No, he didn't talk! Classy of him. What's that, his first win out of 25 noms?

20.43: that was probably the funniest thing so far. OMG. CONAN WON! CONAN FINALLY WINS!

20.42: LMAO. These have the most hysterical montages for the writers! Seek them on Youtube!

20.41: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jon Cryer present something together. This is your next CBS lineup right here. Writing for Variety/Comedy here.

20.40: LOL I really like Katherine Heigl. Even though she's not the best on Grey's. And really didn't deserve to win (she had a real fucking knockout of a tape, though). Could we also blame Knocked Up? Which she was great in? I dunno. She's being gushy and boring. But looks pretty!



20.37: It's the Entourage guys. And...Eva Longoria. Weird. They're collectively flirting with her. And making Tony Parker jokes. Supporting actress in a drama.

20.36: wait, this is turning into a Tom Snyder in memoriam thing. They sure pulled the rug out from under us!

20.35: clips from topical TV shows. Not very funny, apart from Stewart and Colbert. I like Letterman, O'Brian, even Ferguson or Kimmel, but this is still pretty lame.

20.34: Ellen talking to Hugh Laurie! Oh, what could have been. Presenter-wise. Ryan hasn't appeared in like half an hour. Ellen's being stream-of-consciousnessy. This is literally like, a presenter-fest.

20.31: I was just treated to a "Quick-E Celebrity Meltdown". I think I know Tom Cruise's story by now, guys. I want American ads!

20.27: Haden Church wins! And looks good. I want more Haden Church, in general. He's a really great actor. He needs a cool TV vehicle. BTW that was for Supporting Actor in a Miniseries/Movie, for Broken Trail. If you didn't know. Nice speech. Ad break!

20.26: The announcer pronounced Katherine Heigl's (who is presenting) last name "hei-ghel". With a soft G. And she corrected them. I knew that was wrong! Thomas Haden Church looks good in that western thing. I hope he wins.

20.24: Jamie Pressly wins! Weird! Not my first choice, but she is totally terrific?! And a win for Earl is good, cause that show is under-appreciated! Her fiancee looks scary. Nice speech. Good for her!

20.22: Man, Tina Fey looks terrific! Julia Supporting Actress in a Comedy, then.

20.21: Sally Field sighting! She looks hot. And she brought her son! Awesome! Mary-Louise Parker looks reaally good too. Here comes Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus! Woo!

20.20: The only thing worse than E! is UK E! at one in the morning. Honestly, the stuff they show is just sad.

20.17: Terry doesn't get a HUGE cheer, sadly. But he's cutting a good figure in his shockingly pink shirt. He's also doing a slightly bizarre comedy routine. Apparently he and Michael Emerson are the only Lost cast members there? I guess they didn't get a series nom. Kinda sad. Terry was sorta rushed off, but I'm so happy for him! Great choice!


20.15: BIG cheer for T.R. I've been predicting him. But I want Terry.

20.14: This circle stage thing is really pissing me off. It just seems so cheap? Winners should be addressing everyone, y'know? Anyway, Vanessa and America present Sup Actor Drama Series. Exciting!

20.13: Piven. As predicted. Oh well. That's literally the award I was looking fwd to the most? He looks like he just rolled out of a gutter...but he's still sexy! DAMN HIS SEXY JEWISH CHARM!

20.12: Harris gets a sucky clip. He's not winning. Emmys suck at clips. Rainn Wilson gets quite a cheer though? Could he win?

20.11: Is Ray ever gonna like, present an award? He's basically doing the opening monologue! Either Seacrest is peeved, or relieved. OMG HE'S PRESENTING SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIES.

20.10: Terry O'Quinn/Michael Emerson doublesighting! They're sat one in front of the other. Creepiest nominee pair ever! Terry was smiling, but a "I just killed a boar" kinda smile.

20.09: I never got Ray Romano. And I still don't. Don't hate me, Todd, but it's true. He's just doing a "take my wife--please, take her!", thing. WTF?

20.07: Is Piven supposed to be seedy? Ryan Seacrest just suggested he was seedy. He actually looks really seedy and unshaven? Anyway, Ray Romano is on to present...something.

20.06: Hugh Laurie sighting!

20.05: The setup of this studio is like, Jerry Springer. Or Graham Norton, for our British viewers. Ryan is leaping around up and down steps to flirt with Teri Hatcher and the Shat.

20.04: Ryan Seacrest kinda freaks me out. He's like, so plastic and shiny? I never get if he's being serious or totally sarcastic! His appearance in Knocked Up confused me even more.

20.03: Jon Stewart just glanced over and talked to Colbert. I just got a tiny little stiffie.

20.02: Seriously, it's just a bunch of stale industry jokes! Although I guess the Sopranos thing was funny. You get the feeling they came up with it at the last minute.

20.00: Brian and Stewie were just introduced as "from The Family Guy". And now they sing a not funny song. I guess this is in absence of Ryan Seacrest doing a monologue? Or, God forbid, a song.

Hey guys! I'm watching the Emmys, and Todd said "why not live-blog it for SDD", so, here I am! I'll have periodic updates of my nonsense-talk for ya every so often. Hope someone...anyone...out there is reading! Woo!


Todd said...

What is UP with you UKers and your Gervais backlash? I've caught bits and pieces, but it makes no sense, like that YouTube feud between Greece and Turkey.

Todd said...

Also, it's great that America Ferrera's name makes it sound like a whole nation's hopes and dreams ride on her success or failure.

David Sims said...

If you don't understand feuding between Greece and Turkey, you're crazy.

Anyway, Gervais has been criticized for two TERRIBLE performances at Live 8 and that Concert for Diana thing. Also, his latest standup tour didn't get fantastic reviews and cost a really large amount of money, which he got stick for. And he's just EVERYWHERE in England. Seriously, he crops up on chat shows like two times a week. It's hard to explain. Plus, Extras was fun, but even though it would be impossible to top the Office, it was still so luvvie-ish and didn't pack nearly the same punch.

And I liked Extras. I dunno.

Todd said...

I get why Greece and Turkey are mad at each other. I'm just not sure why it briefly spilled over into YouTube videos earlier this year.

Dan Owen said...

Basically, Gervais is beginning to outstay his welcome. I love the Office dearly, enjoy Extras, and love his podcasts, but his Simpsons episode was overhyped twaddle, his appearances in various movies have been underwhelming, his US Office script was poor, he died TWICE on-stage in ONE week (Diana Concert and Live 8), and I've heard his latest standup show (Fame) isn't as good as the others.

His increasing success in the US (an Emmy for Extras s2?!) and move into writing/starring in his own big movie soon, would indicate a change is due. In the UK, he's coasting on the Office/Extras goodwill... and appears on chat shows much too often!

Plus, y'know, we're British. We build 'em up, to knock 'em down. Circle of British celebrity life. We don't revere success like Americans.