Sunday, September 09, 2007

Our fall season

(That's actually fall in South Dakota! In one of the few places where they have trees, by the Big Stone Lake!)

So I'm a little late in getting this up, as our fall season actually began last night with our coverage of the U.S. rebroadcast of Torchwood. But better late than never, right?

As always, if there's a show not on this list that you would rather be covering, please e-mail me. We'd love a Dancing with the Stars reviewer in particular, but we're willing to print stuff on just about any show.

Most of these shows will get full, weekly reviews. Some will get an occasional recap of a few episodes (Curb Your Enthusiasm, likely).

Also, welcome to our team two new reviewers -- Andy and Erik.

Here's our lineup:

Brothers & Sisters (Libby)
Brotherhood (Todd)
Curb Your Enthusiasm (Todd)
Desperate Housewives (Carrie)
Dexter (Justin)
Tell Me You Love Me (David)

Aliens in America (Libby)
Chuck (Joey)
Everybody Hates Chris (Libby)
Heroes (House Next Door link) (David)
Heroes (Second opinion) (Erik)
How I Met Your Mother (Todd)
Journeyman (Carrie)
Prison Break (Justin)

Bones (Libby)
House (Joey)
Reaper (David)
(I'm trying to find something to cover on this night, so if you know of something you think we simply must look at, please let me know. But wow is this night empty after being so crowded the last few years.)

America's Next Top Model (Andy and Libby)
Bionic Woman (Erik)
Dirty Sexy Money (Justin)
Gossip Girl (Carrie)
Private Practice (David)
Project Runway (whenever it starts) (Andy and Libby)
Pushing Daisies (Todd)

30 Rock (Todd)
Grey's Anatomy (David)
My Name Is Earl (Andy)
The Office (Erik)
Scrubs (Joey)
Smallville (Joey)
Supernatural (Carrie)
Survivor (Justin)
Ugly Betty (Libby)

Friday Night Lights (David and Todd)
Men in Trees (Carrie)
Nashville (Andy)

Torchwood (Joey)

Look, also, for further music reviews from Daniel and more predictions from Jon. And we'll try to get some features up over the weekends, so you can peruse our top ten favorites and the like.


Carrie said...

Don't forget I'm also doing Moonlight on Fridays. Jason Dohring + vampires = a must watch for me.

Bring on the fall!

Todd said...

I'll add it later.

I can't believe three of you asked me to do Moonlight. It's gonna be AWFUL, people! AWFUL!

Carrie said...

If someone else wants to do Moonlight I will gladly step aside, just let me know. I figured I would be the only one who would do it and that's why I volunteered.

Joey Sims said...

I was excited for Moonlight before David Greenwalt left - then I realised what a mess it's going to be. Still, I'll watch it for Dohring and Sophia Myles.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks for doing all these reviews, people. I will be reading approximately 11% of them, but I still appreciate the effort to be a prolific team. Why were there no reviews of Psych this summer? I know it's kinda late considering the season ends on Friday, but I just thunk it up now. Oh well.

Todd said...

Summer was kind of a first-come, first-serve thing, Bianca, and I don't think any of us regularly watch Psych.

Of course, any time you want to review something for us (like, say, Psych), you are more than welcome.

Bianca Reagan said...

Thanks, Todd. I might take you up on your offer next year, when I have time to write more than simply snarky comments on other people's blogs. For now, I am consumed with . . . other things, one of which should make its debut by the end of this year.

Todd said...

You're Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, aren't you?

Can I have a job?

Bianca Reagan said...

Actually, I'm Spider-Man. And someday, yes you can.