Monday, September 03, 2007

"She has the best cans in Cannes": Entourage

Boy oh boy, am I glad Entourage is over! Gotta say, even though that was an extremely dull episode, the ending was terrific. Still, terrible episode. Also, considering they shot this at Cannes this year, I got the slightly sneaking suspicion that maybe the reason this whole season has been an incredibly slow crawl towards the most minor plot developments was cause they had to gear it towards their authentic filming on location?

If so, WORST USE OF LOCATION FILMING EVER! Cannes was presented as a string of coke-fuelled parties with topless women and Arab oil magnates. How wonderfully original. The problem was, Entourage has only two kinds of episodes. There's the episode where the gang gets up to meaningless hi-jinks, and there's the episode where Vince, Ari and E try to cut a movie deal while Drama and Turtle...get up to meaningless hi-jinks. This was sort of a combination of the two--basically, Ari tried to jack up the price of Medellin before it was screened, but instead of endless cellphone conversations, the gang yakked with the irritating guy who wanted Vince to sleep with his wife from last season and that recurring Universal girl who Ari keeps saying he slept with. On a motorboat, and by the beach. Egh. The whole thing was really boring--although they did manage to keep us guessing as to whether Medellin would be a hit or not until the very end. Still, because they were doing so well the whole ep (getting big offers out of both Arab dude and slept-with-Ari chick), you could just tell it'd go all screwy by the end.

I'll spend a moment talking about Drama's story. It's barely worth mentioning, really, cause it was really just the typical Drama story (he is egotistical, he almost sleeps with a beautiful woman but instead is humiliated). He was even more of a jackass than usual, but in the end, he and his French paramour declared their love for each other and fornicated on the beach in front of everyone. I really have nothing to say about this. So now Drama is successful AND he has a girlfriend? And yet he remains the idiot he's always been? I guess they're having fun putting Drama's star on the rise and Vinnie's in decline, but it doesn't work if you don't change either of their characters AT ALL, what's the point? Vinnie's still easygoing, and Drama's still a freak. Egh, again.

So, the ending! Well, they'd been hinting at it, but Medellin was a bomb! Ari falling asleep and then going "I loved it" at the ending was hilarious. Billy Walsh screaming epithets to the departing crowd was pretty funny too. The idea of Vinnie being in real trouble is an interesting one, no doubt. However, the writers gave themselves an irritating number of outs. For one, it was STILL hinted that with editing, the movie could be good. Even though it obviously sucks. So that means we're going to have another whole season of Medellin stuff? Plus the scary imitation Harvey Weinstein guy? Jeez. Also, we get Vinnie making ANOTHER weird movie with Billy Walsh. So, two Billy Walsh movies will dominate the whole of next season? And we know how slow plot moves on Entourage! We might be stuck with Medellin and "Silo" for the next ten bloody years! Agh!

Still, I guess the ending vaguely made up for a very, very lackluster season. Incredibly lackluster. Basically bad. Thank God it's all over and the real TV season begins again soon! Feel free to bash below, peeps. I'm out.

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Carrie said...

I'm so glad it's over as well. I'm free! Bring on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

I've enjoyed Constance Zimmer's character in the past, but I think the past few episodes the writers have really been nasty to her. She's been reduced to a scared, useless, weak executive who is too easily swayed by Ari's manipulations. Also, as a woman I feel Ari's jokes towards her have gone from slightly amusing to uncomfortable, and it's especially uncomfortable because they play it like she is still sort of into Ari and gets off on his abuse. It's disappointing that one of the only semi-regular female characters on the show is treated this way.

Question: did Harvey really buy Medellin for $1? I couldn't tell if that was a joke or not.