Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"You ever have sex with blonde cheerleader?":Prison Break

Everything this week on Prison Break is all about the mysterious Australian, Whister. Last week we learned that Michael would need to stage yet another escape at the request of the Company in order to break this guy out; well this week everyone seems to be after him. There are apparently no secrets in a Panamanian gladiator prison, because it doesn't take long for all four Americans to find out that the prison leader Lechero has put out a bounty on him because he has apparently killed the mayor of Panama City's son. To the killer; a meeting with a judge friendly with the mayor who could potentially get them out of Sona prison. Now, I wouldn't believe this for even a second if I was in prison there, but there has to be some pretense for this show right? Okay, continue.

All four inmates who were in season two act pretty predictably to this situation; I'm not going to ruin it for anyone. However, I will say that the Whistler bounty leads to Bellick finally getting some clothes, and for this I am a very happy viewer. I guess the writers have decided that its time to stop beating up on one character and beat up on another instead (guess who); plus they have also probably decided it would be a good idea to stop inducing projectile vomiting in their viewers. I continue to find it kind of odd that T Bag, who is clearly the most vile of the villians on the show, actually gets the best treatment.

Also happening in Sona: a good old fashioned prison riot! Although this time it is against the establishment prisoners. While handing out water one of Lechero's henchmen gets into a fight with another and accidentally knocks over the entire supply. Oh, tragic! Despite pleas on his telephone to the perimeter guards no new water can be supplied. Now, can I just say that I find it hilarious that there is a working telephone and television inside this prison but they do not have any running water? Yeah, that is kind of weird isn't it. Well it doesn't stay that way for long as Michael pulls some real McGuyver style action and makes a sort of improvised bomb that somehow turns the water back on. If anyone can explain to me the mechanics of how this possibly worked, and how he possibly knew it would work in advance, I would be very interested.

Meanwhile, outside the prison, Lincoln meets again with the strange brunette woman from the Company. She scolds him and says she wants daily progress reports on the breakout. I guess they wanted to give her some screen time because since Sara is gone there is no female presence on this show anymore; their conversation served absolutely no purpose as she could have told him this the first time they met? Afterwards Lincoln goes to visit Michael in prison, and while there Michael gives him one of the mysterious "Versailles 1989 V. Madrid" notes that were given to both Michael and the man he defeated in the fight in the last episode. Later on he sees a truck conveniently pass by which tells him to go to the Banco de Versailles. I mean it must be really nice when you are trying to decipher what a mysterious cryptic note means if a helpful message comes along like that. Goodness knows if it wasn't shown to him directly I don't think Lincoln is smart enough to figure out much of anything. Anyway at the bank he meets up with the woman who was screaming outisde the prison in last week's episode. It turns out that she is Whistler's girlfriend! In a sort of uncharacteristic move Lincoln mugs her and takes what she got out of a security deposit box for himself; too bad for him that the older Company man that we saw talking to Michael last week was watching him. Well Brunette Company Lady comes back and threatens to kill Lincoln if he does not give her what he found, a bird guide, and he does. But what she doesn't know is that he gave her a fake! Score Lincoln! Maybe you're smart after all.

Finally, this episode marks the return of Sucre! He buys a gun and goes to visit Bellick at Sona to find out where Maricruz is; I will forgive him the mistake of bringing a gun to a prison visit because he is trying to save his girl. Well, we find out that Bellick was lying the whole time and never really kidnapped her! I call B.S on this one, people. The fact of the matter is that the writers had to make up this story because there is no way they could plausibly have her not be dead (even by this shows reality standards) without this cop-out because they didn't want to do a plot line about Sucre finding her. While I thought it was ridiculous, I am actually glad because this is really the last plot line I would really want to see. Anyway, earlier talking to Lincoln, Sucre got scolded by him becaues he wanted to go back to America and visit her. In this case Lincoln is completely right, because he is only going to cause her all kinds of problems if he does. Not to mention that he'd go back to prison for sure. However he is stubborn and insistent on going back; that is until he sees a woman with a young child and he tells her about his pregnant girlfriend and .... CLICK .... he realizes that he should stay in Panama for the good of her and their future child. This is good because he is needed somewhere in the storyline to help in the escape effort I am sure.

This was not too bad of an episode. It was not as blatantly absurd as the last one but still perfectly absurd in many respects. That is why I keep watching after all. What do you think?


Carrie said...

Panamanian gladiator prison. Ha! I love it.

I don't envy you having to blog about this show every week. It's always the same! Someone threatens Michael. He looks like he's gonna barf. Then he uses his crazy genius to get out of it by blowing shit up. (Well, that last part changes a little every week but usually involves his genius.)

If Whistler was so damn easy to find, why hadn't anyone found him yet? Stupid. Yet awesome. People make fun of me for watching One Tree Hill, but I'm pretty sure this show might be worse. And I love it!

Justin said...

I don't think it will be easy; I will just have to make fun of it where I can!

And LMAO yes everyone found him as soon as the Americans came but he was hiding away just fine before. Hilarious.

I was going to do a plot hole of the week; but I realized that when an entire episode's premise is even a plot hole there isn't really a point.