Friday, October 19, 2007

"And I just kept going hoping I would find the one lie that made sense of all the others!": Everybody Hates Chris, Aliens in America and Boondocks.

It’s depressing to think that some of my favorite shows have already gotten the doldrums. Perhaps you’ve noticed my conspicuous absence from the site for the last week or so (or more likely, you haven’t). A combination of factors including family in from out of town, illness and a serious and debilitating case of the Mondays have all played a part in my absence. However, the main excuse I’m using for not writing is that I’m bored. My shows are BORING. I know that’s not a good, or even valid in some cases, excuse, but it’s what I’m sticking with for the moment.

Take Everybody Hates Chris, for example. What used to be a fun show to pay the bills during, now drags along, making me wish I had a check book to balance. In Chris’ defense, it’s an inevitable turn of events, as any show that centers around a teenage boy will surely follow the boys adventures in independence and focus less on his interactions with his family. Unfortunately, the family aspect is where this show’s strength lies. As talented as Tyler James Williams is, he’s just not as interesting as his supporting characters. It’s a bad sign when the viewer looks forward more to the B plot than to whatever is going on in the A plot, yet that’s exactly what happens to me week after week.

That said however, this week’s episode took some tentative steps toward righting this wrong by involving Julius in the A-plot involving Chris driving his dad’s car. Though not extensive by any means, the interaction between Chris and Julius almost made the episode worthwhile, with the “Rochelle and the kids go to court” B-plot was a pleasant enough diversion, what with DWAYNE WAYNE (?!) as the judge. Word. Made me want to break out my flip up glasses, yo.

I guess what I’m trying to say (even though it may not seem like it) is this week’s episode was better, but still not great. That being said, it was still better than last week’s episode where the balance of the school was completely upset when Caruso lost his big bad bully status. Which made little to no sense, as the kid who plays Caruso is so much smaller than everyone else on the show. Ah, the trials of casting children.

Speaking of children, Aliens in America was also significantly improved over last week’s episode. Last week saw Justin attempting to distance himself from Raja after the latter proclaimed them to be the best of friends in quite embarrassing fashion in the middle of class. It was sweet and illustrated how sometimes when we hurt others we only end up hurting ourselves, but it wasn’t exactly a laugh-fest. Rather, it was short on laughs, long on schmooze.

This week was definitely funnier, but the ways they went about getting those laughs were sometimes questionable. This week saw Justin and Raja bring a fictitious rocket club to life while simultaneously raising suspicions about Raja's terrorist status. Also, there was a subplot referencing masturbation. While I found the plot funny and completely apt for a sitcom centered on two teenage boys, it was still a little yishy? But maybe that's where the humor lies. After all, I'm not sure there have been many things more honest than the conversation between Justin and Raja in which Justin proclaims that he needed to see boobs and he needed to see a lot of them. While never having been a teenage boy, I imagine this to be a sentiment often felt, though rarely admitted and the hilarity contained within was tangible.

All things considered, this weeks episode of AiA renewed my hopes in the show and made me plenty glad that the CW has ordered three more scripts for the show.

As a late addition to our Monday night slate of child based comedies we have Comedy Central's The Boondocks. After a mediocre premiere last week, Boondocks returned with much stronger stuff this week, when Tom and Sarah Dubois (Jasmine's parents) run into Usher while on a date. It's all funny stuff when Tom's paranoia and Sarah's new crush end up with Tom moving out and into the Freeman's house. The highlights of the episode include Riley informing Tom that losing his woman would be more respectable if it were to a real man like T.I. and Tom's music video.

All in all, easily the highlight of the evening and a much better start for the season than last week's premiere. Good times.

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Bianca Reagan said...

I didn't like The Boondocks this week. I thought it was lame. There was no point. And that video went on for too long.