Saturday, October 20, 2007

"As soon as I met her, I knew I wanted her to be Mrs...whoever the hell I am.": Men in Trees

It's a strange experience, watching these episodes that were supposed to air last season. Because of the interruption, all of the characters are in the same place they were when we left them last year and it feels odd. Stagnant somehow, like we're just killing time waiting for the real season two to start. Not to say there weren't significant plot developments this episode -- because there were -- its just that these plot developments felt strange coming two episodes into the season.

The meat of the episode revolved around two main storylines, Marin and Jack spending the night in the woods and Sara's fight to retain custody of her son. Marin and Jack end up together by accident, the overly twee result of his desire to tape otters mating and her desire to find the perfect wild ingredient for a stew. She runs into Jack and gets lost trying to find her way out of the forest, and then ends up getting herself poisoned by a wild plant she mistakes for garlic. They share a nice night together waiting for the otters to mate, and the purpose of this encounter is obviously to show us that Marin and Jack are meant for each other and give Lynn an excuse to book it out of town at the end of the episode, which she does. This is a huge development in the show, but coming directly after an episode where it was re-established that Jack and Lynn were together and Marin and Jack were over, it feels strange and a bit forced. I know the writers are only dealing with the situation ABC dealt them and this episode has been in the can since early 2007, but it is just awkward.

Not having such a romantic day is Sara, whose deadbeat Dad ex-husband has come back into the picture and is fighting for full custody of their son. He's played by regular Vancouver player Callum Keith Rennie (a.k.a. crazy Cylon Leoben) so you know he's going to be kind of a dick. And dick he is, using Sara's prostitute past as a method to gain custody. Luckily for Sara, police officer Celia is subpoenaed but lies under oath that she has no recollection of Sara ever being a prostitute in Elmo. Sara retains custody of her son, but decides to let her ex have visitation rights because she wants him to know his father. Aw. The best part of this story is that Nicholas Lea makes an appearance as Sara's hot, sensitive minister ex-boyfriend. I love Krycek.

Also in this episode, Patrick starts to have misgivings about his last name since it doesn't represent his biological father. He changes it from Bachelor to O'Bachelorton, a mixture of his, Buzz's, and Annie's last names. It sounds silly, but it was rather cute because Patrick is just adorable.

Next week, the word spreads that Lynn left town and Jack admits to Marin he messed everything up with them. Christ Almighty, if Marin starts dating Cash instead of Jack I might just hurl.

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