Monday, October 08, 2007

"Bite her, mom! Bite her!": Brothers and Sisters

Initiate gushing sequence: now.

I am in love with this show. I want to have, approximately, a million of it's babies. Usually here at SDD, we try and distance ourselves from that which we love, for fear that we won't be able to see it with an appropriately critical eye (I'm looking at you, David. It's not Heroes alone that keeps you from HIMYM.) However, fear not, gentle readers, I have plenty to complain about, despite my ongoing love affair with the Berlanti-verse. That said, we'll save my griping for later.

Despite an opening scene fake out at a soldier's funeral, it's established pretty quickly that this episode brings a bruised and battered Justin home from the war. While I'm pleased about this for a number of reasons, at the top of my list is the fact that (and maybe you've picked this up from my Betty reviews) I'm not a fan of a scattered ensemble show. While I get the necessity of having Justin go back for a second tour of duty, it's just not the same without him home, so his return, while it's going to be inevitably bumpy, is more than welcome.

Additionally, the longer I watch this show, the more I'm struck by the great work of Matthew Rhys as Kevin. (Side note: Crap, I'm even more impressed now that I've visited his imdb site and found out that he's Welsh?! That is one solid American accent.) While I'm not always completely sold on Kevin's main storylines as they are, he's always beyond solid when doing fringe or ensemble work. Solid, snarky and sensitive, he is the epitome of the perfect man. Or at the very least, the perfect gay best friend. He delivers comedically without seeming one-note and emotionally without seeming insincere. His performance is always underrated and always strong, even when the plot has him doing nothing substantially more than being a good boyfriend, brother and son.

As always, the family interactions are what make this show tick and this episode was no exception. The fracas between Kevin, Kitty and Nora and the Limbaugh-lite character was stellar, as was Kitty fearing the coming fallout from her fiance. Phew. Additionally, it sure was nice to have the entire family together again at last.

Not so nice this episode was the Sarah and Joe plotline. It felt tired and rushed at the same time and while exciting rumors are swirling about a pending rebound relationship for Sarah (thanks, Michael Ausiello!) it was just too much devilry for me, pushing Joe back with his OTHER ex-wife (Yeah, remember her? And his son with her? Man, season 1 had a lot of abandoned plotlines ...)

Also, how much weeping can one make Sally Field do? I mean, obviously, it's what the woman was born to do, but SERIOUSLY.

Unfortunately there were also things that absolutely didn't work in this episode. I'm sorry and I know I'll be crucified by my fellow contributors, but I just don't dig the VanCamp. Listen, she just isn't an interesting character. She's whiny and selfish and brings nothing but crappy plots as far as the eye can see. Now she brings in a new incompetent friend (Cass from "John from Cincinnati," even!) who is evidently destined to break up Tommy's crumbling marriage. SPEAKING of Tommy's marriage is no one really going to bring up the fact that his wife is OBVIOUSLY suffering from some incapacitating grief and post-partum depression or are they just going to let their marriage crash and burn like every other marriage on this show? Gah.

Another mishandled plot is this whole, "Is Saul gay" thing. I, for one, could not care less. I guess I just always assumed he's asexual. (No really, I know, like, six people like that.) Anyway, it's not interesting because, well, there's no real way to tell either way. He kind of half-assedly pursued Holly, but it never really seemed like his heart was in it. Additionally, he doesn't seem particularly hung up on, um, Summer's dad from The O.C. So, whatever . . . I give up.

As a capper, it's also a distraction to have to avert my eyes from THIS:
Jaysus, it's like staring into the surface of the SUN! No good can come from this.


Believe me Senator Tangerine, if there's one thing that Iowans hate it's people that are TOO TAN. I, however, will overlook it for now, for besides this horrible, horrible mistake, this show is love.

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Myles said...

Matthew Rhys' accent is great, although you might find that you notice the Welsh a bit more now that you know it's an accent.

My problems with Kevin are usually to do with his own storylines: his neurotic behaviour is infuriating when its the center of attention. However, as you note, he's perfect as a comic foil, and the combination of Kitty/Nora/Kevin was a perfect one for a road trip down (Or up? No, the water was on their right, so I think it's down) the coast.