Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cavemen and Carpoolers: Open thread

I was all set to watch the new first episode of Cavemen and weigh in here, but my DVR chose to be hinky (something it ONLY does with ABC, for some reason), so I didn't get to see it. The show wasn't sent out to critics. My current, er, methods of watching the show are progressing rather slowly, all things considered, so I'll just open up this thread and let you talk about how the show actually wasn't the end of the world (or maybe it was -- I'm just going on general consensus here and the vibe I got from the original pilot, which was much too one-note but not an abomination or anything).

Anyway, Carpoolers, which follows, has ended up being the show I was the most disappointed by. I wasn't looking forward to it at all (outside of my general affection for Fred Goss and the unfortunately canceled Sons and Daughters), but once I watched it, I was surprised to find the soul of a solid little family comedy lurking inside of the latest way too wacky single-camera show that tries to capture the soul of Arrested Development or The Office. These new single-camera shows eschew believable characters and relationships in order to just have wacky hijinks fly all over the place. It just doesn't work. A second episode is marginally better, but it relies too much on the story of a married guy giving his ring to an unmarried guy who wants to seduce a woman. Yawn.

Anyway, it's quiet day for us here at SDD. Expect thoughts on Reaper (and Chuck, hopefully), House and Bones today. Chill out and wait for the debut of Pushing Daisies tonight.

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