Friday, October 19, 2007

"Don't play with my Jesus.": Supernatural

Oh, hell yeah. Now THAT was fun!

I've been able to contain my fangirly glee so far this season because, frankly, I've been pretty underwhelmed. But last night's tale of a not-so-lucky rabbit's foot turned this losing trend around, incorporating so many of the things I already love about the series while introducing some new challenges for the boys to face throughout the upcoming season as well. Most importantly, though, it was damn funny -- and I sure do like it when the Winchesters get their funny on.

The episode begins with Sam telling Dean all about Mysterious Blond Woman, a.k.a. Ruby. We've finally got an official name! Hallelujah. I was sick of writing Mysterious Blond Woman every week. Dean is understandably freaked out by the fact she's a demon, and skeptical of her claims that she can help Dean get out of the crossroads deal. It was refreshing to see Sam tell Dean about Ruby right away, but it was unclear just how much he told him. Did he tell Dean about Mary and her friends mysteriously dying? I'm not quite sure.

While arguing in the car, John's old cell phone rings (which Dean has kept charged and ready in the glove compartment for the last year without Sam knowing, which -- tell me another bedtime story, Kripke) and the boys learn that a previously secret storage unit John kept in Buffalo was robbed. They go to investigate and find that a box holding a cursed object was taken, track the box to a pair of goons hired by notorious thief Bela, and learn that the stolen object is a rabbit's foot that brings the owner great luck until he loses at, at which time it conspires to kill the owner in a most fabulous, gruesome, Final Destination-esque way. They sure aren't skimping on the gore factor this year, and I approve heartily. During the fight to retrieve the foot, the fight which Sam and Dean are losing in the most hilarious way because of the goon's rabbit's foot-assisted good luck, Sam grabs onto the rabbit's foot and the luck switches to him.

Dean, of course, is thrilled about Sam's good luck until Bobby tells them the catch about dying once you lose the foot. Oops. Not long after Sam gets the foot, Bela steals it back from him and his bad luck begins. Bad Luck Sam might be the best Sam of all (even better than Evil Sam), because there is nothing funnier on this earth than gigantic Sam falling down. Numerous times. Well, maybe there's something funnier than Sam falling down: Sam losing his shoe in a gutter and whining about it like a little child. Wait, maybe there's something funnier than that! Sam trying to put out an air conditioner fire and having his whole sleeve go up in flames. Bad Luck Sam is a freaking riot. While Sam sits around and tries not to get himself killed, Dean goes off to Bela's apartment in Queens to retrieve the foot. After a very fun standoff, he tricks it out from under her nose and goes back to Buffalo to destroy it and save Sam from the curse. On the way, I'm sure he picked up some lottery tickets just because. Just because he's Dean, and that's what Dean would do.

The episode also marked the return of everyone's favorite psycho hunter Gordon, still behind bars after being set up by Sam and Dean last season. It seems jail has done nothing to curb his quest for Sam's blood, however, and Gordon has recruited some hunter friends on his quest to kill Sam once and for all. Said hunters are led by a scenery chewing Jesus-freak named Kubrick who, unknowingly aided by the bad luck of the rabbit's foot and thinking he's being lead to Sam by a higher power, starts to believe that killing Sam is a mission straight from God. He ends up torturing poor Sammy until good luck-assisted Dean comes to save the day. In the end, though, Kubrick returns to Gordon and they hatch a new plan: springing Gordon from the clink so they can go after Sam together. To which I say: yikes! I have to say, as annoying as I think this Kubrick guy is I love that they brought on a religious nut hunter, because it makes sense that people so inclined to that persuasion would want to be hunters to kill the evil things in the world. Him being friends with psycho Gordon just makes sense, and they are going to be a crazy force to be reckoned with in the future.

I think the best thing about this episode (besides the humor) was the fact that it was so layered. For the first time all year it truly felt like the characters existed in a real world, with past elements from John, Bobby and Gordon all coming into play. They boys weren't just traveling to some town and killing bad things. They were interacting with characters established in the past and reacting to consequences of things done previously in the world of Supernatural. They've spent two seasons building this world and it was a pleasure to watch them take advantage of all their hard work.

The emergence of Bela also adds a new flavor to the world of the brothers Winchester. Here's a girl who has no care for good or evil, right or wrong -- only a care for the almighty dollar. Bela's scenes with Dean were full of firecracker fun as they danced around in an attempt to undercut each other at every turn. (Dean tricking her into touching the rabbit's foot at the end and then her subsequent theft of Dean's winning lottery tickets as revenge was a beautiful little tit-for-tat.) Again, despite previous fangirl backlash I love, love, love Bela. Well, I actually hate her -- I mean, she SHOT SAM and all -- but I hate her in that awesome way it is fun to hate horrible yet charismatic television characters. I have a feeling she's going to be a thorn in Dean and Sam's side all season, and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Well, I'm out of ways to say how much that kicked ass. I guess I'll just go watch it again and giggle uncontrollably.

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