Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Heroes Tuesdays: Season Two, Episode 25, “Lizards”

It’s both understandable and frustrating that after the first season of Heroes, in which the characters’ journeys crossed paths repeatedly and various secrets were unearthed, the writers have basically hit the reset button. The entire cast was assembled in New York for the Season One finale; now everyone is spread out across the world again, pursuing their own interests, although thankfully by now most of our heroes are comfortable in the use of their abilities. Only Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia), rendered amnesiac by his journey (and subsequent explosion) into the heavens, is doing the perplexed/amazed facial expressions dance as he shows off his various powers, and in his case it might be a good thing. In the doe-eyed, idealistic Peter (who mimics and subsequently retains the abilities of any other hero he gets near), the writers found a de facto lead character for their show, but also stumbled across a fairly common problem in superhero writing--Peter is simply too powerful for his own good.
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