Friday, October 12, 2007

"I forgot. The doctor called. I can walk!": Ugly Betty

When watching Ugly Betty, one has to expect a little chaos. The show's bread and butter is its campy, frenetic, soapy fun but with all the over the top stories, there are the inevitable misfires. This week's episode, "Betty's Wait Problem", was funny, but fractured. For all the good, there was equal bad and it was easily the weakest episode in a still young season.

First off, we cleared off the Daddy Meade storyline early in the episode, with Amanda finding out that she really hadn't committed incest all those times with Daniel, which was a relief, but still left her a relative orphan. To raise her spirits, she and Marc set about plotting a fabulous coming out party for her to take place at the Black and White Ball. This show is love and never so much so as when Amanda and Marc are scheming. Beautiful.

Justin, still interning, (and obviously still desperate for a male role model) reached out to Daniel, by asking Daniel to teach him how to play basketball, something his father had loved. The people at Mode are hard and business-oriented but all soften under the pure sweetness that is Justin. The training is not very productive, but ultimately reveals that a wheelchair-bound Daniel is faking it to score with his physical trainer. Nice. Ironically, this makes him an even better father figure for Justin, as it's more true to Santos' true character anyway. Go figure.

Betty was a bit of a mess this week. While I loved her storyline (and chemistry, for that matter) with Freddy Rodriguez (who I hear is scheduled to appear in multiple episodes) it just felt kind of ... well, lame. It's difficult to see the show harkening back to seemingly abandoned plotlines (Betty is a writer! Remember? Sure you do!) from early first season. I realize why they're doing it, but I can't help but wish it was something they'd cared enough about to keep up with up to this point.

There was also continuing drama between Wilhelmina and the Meade clan but nothing interesting enough to really point out, beyond the fact that the wedding is back on, Claire has been unceremoniously dismissed by Bradford and the show seems to be setting up the inevitable return of Alex(is)'s memory and the return of Fay Summers. All will be loverly developments, I'm sure.

What really got me this episode was the Ignacio plot. While I know that it was just last week that I was calling for the ending of his Mexican plight, I never imagined that the circumstances under which they would come would be so bizarre and off putting.

As one can about imagine, the man whom Ignacio believed he killed was not really dead and wanted revenge. But first, he wanted Ignacio (his former cook) to make him flan. Because he missed it.


No really.
Go back and read that again.
I am not even making this up.
Yeah, that's what I thought.


Anyway, there was a lot of talking and long story short, Ignacio ends up back in America. Hooray. Except, what the hell? Really? That's what a season-long arc regarding psychotic immigration workers, deportation hell, Mexican isolation, murderous secrets and the like get us? A flan ultimatum (which, coincidently, is the name of my band: The Flan Ultimatum) and a trip home? Lame.

I say again, LAME.

Despite that absolutely baffling conclusion of events, we can all take heart that the plotline is finally finished and we need not worry about it any longer. As for next week, need I say more than: VICTOR GARBER and (to a lesser, though hilarious extent) JAMES VANDERBEEK? I thought not. Word.

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Carrie said...

Ack! The Beek! I knew it was coming, but not so soon. I'M NOT READY FOR THE BEEK.

I mostly enjoyed this episode, but I really didn't like the Betty/Gio stuff. Gio is such a stock, fucking annoying character -- oh, the boy that's rude and mean to the girl and puts down her life until she realizes she must strive for more! Give me a break. Yes, Betty's job is demeaning and menial at times, but she's an assistant. That's the job description, and everyone has to pay their dues. Shut up, Gio.

My favorite part was when Henry yelled at Amanda and Marc and they suddenly thought he was hot. Ha! Christopher Gorham is really doing a good job with a role that is pretty limiting as it is written. Of course, I'm biased because I do love him so and have ever since Popular.

Favorite line: "When I was standing on the red carpet naked and the men were shouting at me and taking pictures, I had time to think." (Paraphrase, can't remember exact wording.) HA.