Friday, October 26, 2007

"I'm really...not fond of you.": Reaper

Hmm...after a rather good one last week, I thought this week's Reaper was in major stall mode, decent fun but...enh. Enh enh enh. I don't like it when people judge the future of a new show SO quickly when it has a lot promise, but Reaper definitely needs to pick up speed soon, or else it could slip into 'minor diversion' permanently. And nobody wants that, right?

Problem A: Andi. I always start these reviews with Andi. I wonder why. No, I know why. We all know why. Andi's story this week was pretty recycled from that thing a couple episodes ago, except now it looks like it could be more permanent. She's dating some anonymous bore when she should be dating Sam, basically. So, great, more stalling. Not only is there this anonymous bore, but literally three times per episode, Sam about to do something awesome with Andi but then Satan makes him do something else so he has to make up some dumb excuse about why he stood her up. It's okay once in a while, but come on. Why would Andi ever give Sam the time of day anymore? He's all over the bloody place!

Of course, getting Andi in on the whole Satan thing would fix that. But this week the Devil warned Sam against including her in the big secret, making vague doom-and-gloom threats about his secret "dying with him" and stuff. Weird. Actually, the one good thing about this episode was it made slight inroads into the deeper mythologies of the show. Which is essential for Reaper's long-term prospects. Again, it was all very vague. Satan's warnings and the stuff with Sam's dad getting all worked up about not getting to meet the big dude. At first I assumed Sam's dad wanted to offer himself in the place of Sam or something noble like that, but then I remembered that had already been kiboshed. And then we see dad (if he has a name, I don't remember it) burning specific pages of the contract. Creeepy. What's up with that? I guess we'll find out later.

What about the actual plot this time? Eh. Slime-man was actually kinda cool. The effects were mostly solid, especially when they were costume/prosthesis (the VFX were way weaker, but hey, it's the CW, whatcha gonna do). Still, it was pretty weak overall. No pathos, the demon wasn't even a character, man! The magical ugly sweater never really paid off either. I guess it was funny seeing Aaron Douglas as a demon UPS agent. Ugh. Anyway, some funny lines, I always love Rick Gonzalez, but it was weak overall. I'm willing to endure maybe a couple more of these, but Reaper needs to pick up steam soon. Soon. V. soon.

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