Thursday, October 04, 2007

"I'm voting for you because when you snore at night-time it sounds like someone's choking a walrus.":Survivor:China

(Previously on Survivor: Dave was a bossy idiot who sucked at challenges. His Zhan Hu tribe voted out Ashley anyway. Fei-Long was up three to zero on challenegs and looking very good.)

This week on Survivor we open to a little good, old-fashioned character assasination. At the Fei-Long tribe Jean-Robert, when he is not snoring and keeping everyone awake, is creeping out the females of his tribe by snuggling with them while they are trying to sleep. He also claims to need to snuggle with the prettier ones. Ew. Everyone is naturally grossed out by this and makes fun of him in confessionals. Also, James catches a crab and the tribe fights over how to use it. Fascinating stuff. Although I think that is the first time I have heard James speak so that's always a good thing. What I was looking for here is to see who dropped in profile (via confessionals) and it seems that Todd and Amanda are on the back burner for now while Courtney, Leslie, and Aaron are still pretty prominent. Staying prominent usually isn't a good sign as after initially introducing you to the characters the editors tend to hide people who go far for a little while. There's usually one exception to this and it is a matter of figuring out who that is that helps you predict a winner. Meanwhile on Zhan Hu Peih-Gee talks about how Dave continues to burn out his energy working at camp. Quite frankly, I don't understand what that ridiculous stone thing he is building is supposed to be at all. We learn though a couple more confessionals that the entire tribe doesn't like Dave, in case we were not sure of that already.

After this initial camp stuff, it is time for the reward challenge. The prize? Comfort stuff: kerosine, rope, blankets, and a tarp. The actual challenge consists of a three-on-three men vs. men or women vs. women matchup where the contestants need to knock the opposing team off of a platform. Despite the fact that the Fei-Long men best the Zhan Hu men twice, the women went first and the Zhan Hu women beat the Fei-Long women all three times. Zhan Hu chooses to kidnap Leslie, who pays back Jaime for last week's action by giving her the clue to the hidden immunity idol. They know that it is in an obvious position and that it isn't anywhere on the ground now, so I'm wondering why they aren't looking where the editors so conveniently tell us viewers the idol is hidden. That does look pretty high up so it might be hard to retrieve; and I'm not sure how far away it is from their actual camp, so I'm not going to judge anyone's stupidity for now. I will, however, judge Leslie's stupidity, as she foolishly gives away a whole bunch of information about her tribe while not gaining much information about Zhan Hu, as they put on an act that they are a happy tribe while she is there. Meanwhile at Fei-Long, Courtney and Todd overhear Jean-Robert and James talk about who they want to vote out: apparently either Courtney or Leslie. I always like it when people get busted like this, because if you are stupid enough to talk openly about who you are going to vote out without even checking to see if anyone is around to listen you deserve to have it turned around on you. Also, Jean-Robert, when speaking about Courtney, says "the only thing better than a million dollars is a million dollars and some ass." More ew. I hope this guy goes pretty soon.

The immunity challenge is a double task: 4 members must chop ropes to release a set of discs, and once this is done the two remaining members competing must put these discs on a special stick as a puzzle. Courtney chops first for Fei-Long, and does a ridiculously poor job, such that Zhan Hu finishes all four of their chopping targets before she finishes. The rest of Fei-Long makes up the gap pretty quickly, however, so that they aren't that far behind Zhan Hu, who was struggling with the puzzle. The deficit turns out to be too much, though, and Zhan Hu wins their first immunity challenge and second challenge in a row. I was so confident in you, Fei-Long! Back at Fei-Long, the voting discussion bounces between Courtney, Jean-Robert, and Leslie, but Courtney has better allies and eventually Leslie is voted out over Jean-Robert six to two. I didn't like either of them so I am not too dismayed. Despite the loss, Fei-Long is the tribe with alliances and strategy being shown by the editors, so I still think they are going to end up going into the merge with an edge, and thus most likely the winner will come from there. My bet is still on Todd or Amanda, although Aaron is a slighter possibility. I think that Peih-Gee from Zhan Hu will go far as well, because she is getting a lot of airtime without too much negative connotation. Most likely to be going home very soon seems to be Dave and Jean-Robert. Everyone else but Courtney has been fairly invisible, and I am not sure if she is going to go sooner or later yet.

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