Sunday, October 07, 2007

"The last thing the world needs is an eternal you.": Moonlight

So, this show is bad. I know it. You know it. Hell, the people working the catering truck on set probably even know it. After last week's patently awful premiere, the show had no where to go but up, and the second episode was definitely better written, directed and acted than the pilot. However, despite the best of intentions it still managed to be deadly boring...until the last five minutes, which were interesting enough to make me want to tune in next week.

The reason this show is so boring most of the time is that it insists on miring itself in ill thought out "criminal of the week" stories with little bite. This week's criminal is someone from Mick's past, a psychotic wife murderer who Mick tried to kill back in the 80's so he couldn't hurt any more women. The kill went wrong, though, and the guy lived and went to prison for his crimes, but knows Mick is a vampire. After being paroled with the help of an author who wrote a book proclaiming his innocence, the criminal is back in L.A. and out to take Mick down. And good Lord, it's boring. In the end, the criminal predictably takes the author hostage in order to lure Mick in, they fight, blah, blah, Beth saves Mick by shooting the criminal dead. It couldn't be any more predictable.

Although this story was sublimely tedious, a few good things came out of it worth mentioning. First, we learn that Beth's boss at the gossip website is none other than Tami "That wasn't! Not! Funny!" Roman from Real World: Los Angeles. Amazing. Second, because Mick was injured in his fight with the criminal, he is literally starving when he gets back home so he feeds immediately. Beth comes to visit and finds him in full vamp mode on the floor, drinking from a blood bag. Mick very heartbreakingly asks her not to look at him, and when she asks him what is wrong he shows her his vamp face and says, "I am a vampire." I AM A VAMPIRE. To the love interest. In the second episode! Now that's interesting and unexpected, and made me want to stick around to see what happens next. I'm so easy.

There were other decent moments sprinkled throughout the episode, mostly involving Jason Dohring. At this point he's still playing Logan Echolls the Vampire, but he's such a compelling actor that it's working. Especially fun were the 80's flashback sequences which showed a different, less compassionate side of Mick, explaining why he and Josef are friends and begging the question: when and why did Mick become such a wussy?

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