Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Lookin'. Sounds way dirtier without the G.": Grey's Anatomy

Well, well, well. I have to say, everything's going veeerry smoothly in Grey's Anatomy land. I'm really enjoying everything about it, except know what. Last week I tried to ignore it til the very end, but this week I'm gonna get it out of the way first.

GIZZIE! AAAAAAGH. Okkkayy. Actually, this week's episode gave me a little hope for the whole thing. Not just because at least now it's all out in the open and George & Izzie have to actually confront the idea of them being together. Because, no, that's not interesting or a good storyline (although I get the feeling Shonda thinks it is). It's downright creepy to see them talk like morons to each other about the future of their relationship, honestly. T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl might be the best of friends but they have AWFUL romantic chemistry and they aren't getting any better. No sir. Anyway, why was I hopeful? Cause now I see the big picture. There's only one way this story ends, and it ain't with George and Izzie living happily ever after. Shonda might be intent on dragging this thing out mercilessly to prove how good an idea it was and how it's gonna lead to all this fabulous pathos and drama, but I sense she knows as well as any that the door on Gizzie is getting closed soon. I predict by around episode nine or ten, they're history. So I'm gonna ignore this from now on until it goes away.

Otherwise episode five, "Haunt You Everyday", was a lot of fun! It had lots of nice bond-y moments between characters, it had a guy chainsawing his own leg off in the middle of the hospital (sick!) and it had...oh yeah. AVA. OR REBECCA! WHATEVER! ELIZABETH REASER, YO! *pulls lever, balloons fall, music plays*. Yes, finally, the lovely Ms. Reaser is back, looking better than ever I might add, and her reveal was great. And she and Alex got down to it right away! Perfect! Or...almost perfect. Cause even though Reaser was fantastic and totally ready to settle down with Alex, he was distracted from her in the second half in the episode by the contrivance of poor stormin' Norman (the world's oldest intern ever, if you've forgotten) having a stroke. Which Alex is understandably upset about! But he leaves Ava/Rebecca (let's just call her Reaser?) hanging, and that's not cool. I hope the writers didn't invent that as an excuse to drive a wedge between them and sabotage my long-marinating plan to get Reaser added to the cast permanently. I hope it's just bad story structure, I really do. Cause if that and maybe a tacked-on fight scene later on is all we get of Reaser, I'm writing a strongly-worded letter to ABC. STRONGLY WORDED.

Oddly enough, and with basically no fanfare, another new cast member DID appear tonight. Just the same as every other addition to the Grey's cast, it was a formerly recurring character who has impressed in her guest spots. Yes, it's Brooke Smith as the acerbic Dr. Erica Hahn, taking over Burke's abandoned spot as head of cardio surgery. She even got a nice emotional heart transplant storyline for her first episode in the credited cast. Good for you, Dr. Hahn! Anyway, this was a no-brainer call. Smith (who's also great on Weeds this year and showed up once in Dirty Sexy Money too) is a pro and she was just terrific every time she's appeared before. With Burke gone, it's a good idea to go in another direction - i.e., more of a Dr. Bailey direction than a Dr. Shepherd direction. I'm really hopeful about this idea, and I think she and Cristina or she and Bailey could make a good pair, too.

Another pair that started up this week was new BFFs Cristina and Callie. Yep, now that Callie's dumped George officially, and announced it to everyone in the hospital (really, they should have gotten a better reaction line about that from Meredith or Cristina), she needs a new buddy and a new place to live. Who better than Cristina, also recently dumped? Nobody, that's who. Although Cristina at first offers Burke's apartment to the newly-divorced Chief, she then withdraws her offer (poor Chief!) and instead shacks up with Dr. Torres. Great idea! It's a pairing they should have thought of ages ago, but now that Callie and Cristina are done having all their plots tied to their long-term love interests, maybe they can have a little more fun!

The medical plots this ep were fine, nothing too exciting. I liked how the show almost mocked its more mawkish tendencies with the kid who talked all cute in a shrewd strategy to get some pro bono surgery done on his ears. I liked it cause Meredith is always good with kids (probably because she's usually behaving like one) and because Mark got a great scene where all the nurses say they've formed a club that hates him. Like the No Homers club. His nonplussed reaction to that was really funny. And his earnestness to do something decent after that was funny too. I love Mark. More Mark, always! On the Lexie front, nothing, except Cristina fooled her into dressing like...Pippi Longstocking? Or Raggedy Ann? I couldn't quite tell. Funny moment, though.

What are others thinking? Honestly, I'm quite pleased with the show, but I'm just literally blacking out all the Gizzie segments to do so. Oh well.

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Carrie said...

I thought aside from the George/Izzie stuff, this was the best episode of the season by far. Any episode where they make Meredith likable and relatable is always a great one.

Loved Ava/Alex, but I know this will never work out because they can't really add Elizabeth Reaser to the cast. She doesn't work in the medical profession, so how would they fit her in? If they did go for it and add her full-time, I feel like she will be shoehorned into plots that she doesn't belong in just to give her something to do, and I don't want that to happen. Not to say that I don't want Reaser to join, because I love Ava and her relationship with Alex is interesting and complex. I just worry if she comes on full time I will get tired of her. Maybe they can retcon her and make her a nurse or a social worker or something? Heh.

Loved the scene where Meredith and Chief released Dr. Grey's ashes.

Loved the pranks between Derek and Mark. I hope they continue to develop that friendship. Now that Addison is gone, there's no reason they can't be friends and they have great friend chemistry. My favorite line: "Daddy?" Ha! Mark's reaction was priceless.

Loved that they used a song written by my music crush, Jeremy Lister.

This felt like the Grey's of old. I hope they keep it up.