Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The More They Stay The Same: Musical musings from an overpaid pedestrian

Here’s the deal: I am bored at work. I have nothing to blog about until I watch South Park later tonight, and I feel like writing. So, you, dear reader will have to suffer through me spouting off about recent bands and albums and songs that I’ve heard and what I think of them. That’s one of the perks of being a TV writer AND the sole music writer on the blog. Hey, does that make me the music EDITOR? That would be cool. I’ve always wanted to be an editor: Daniel Rivera, Senior Music Editor for South Dakota Dark. Where can I make business cards?

Black Kids

Boring! These guys have been talked about a lot lately, scored a lot of great ink, and (apparently) had an impressive showing at CMJ. I’m not buying it! Their sound is pleasant in a mostly organic kind of way, and it leans towards the interesting in regards to overall structure. However, they really don’t have any substantial tricks up their sleeves to differentiate them from any sort of Indie herd. They have an all expansive palette of influences; they seem to even borrow heavily from the Go! Team; they produce an end product that most would consider blissful pop. Okay. I just described like 100 bands that also played CMJ. It’s not bad music or anything, but I’m a busy man! I like snapping my fingers and movin’ my hips as much as anybody else, but I don’t see why this is special. And let me clarify by making it known that I’m not trying to be contrarian here. Black Kids are a talented band, and I wish them success, but I am not jumping on any band wagon that labels them as some sort of “it” group for the Florida music scene (GAG.) Also, The whole ironic name thing works against them because you expect them to be far more interesting than they actually are. I could be wrong on this one, seeing as I haven’t heard QUITE enough of them, (just their debut EP which you can hear on their myspace linked above) but I am not clamoring for more, as of yet. B…F…D.

Bloc Party, "Flux"

This is Bloc Party kind of going off the map here. Digital…electronic…fresh beats…FAT beats. YOU KNOW. This seems like something that they’ve wanted to do for a while though, ya know, since the whole remix album. I have to say that I love it, in any case. Bloc Party has quietly become one of my very favorite bands, though, so I may be biased. Anyway, this comes from their digital EP of the same name to be released in November. The Flux EP is supposed to coincide, I believe, with the digital re-release of A Weekend in the City (my pick for one of the best and most underrated albums of 2007.) As a track, "Flux" is both epic and self contained. Its static momentum should work against it, but seems to uplift the song with every driving moment. Downtrodden and slightly vicious, Flux takes a mostly generic approach to the break-up song, but adds a rich texture to it that surprises you. This is pretty addictive.

Well, I thought I would be bored for a bit longer than this, but it's BACK to work!

Stay tuned for South Park thoughts, as part II of the Imgination Land (Kyle sucks Cartman's Balls) Trilogy continues.


Carrie said...

What is up with Florida's music scene nowadays? I grew up there, and during my days the only local music scene was ska and ska-core, Less Than Jake and the like.

And...I totally just dated myself. Whatever. I was in high school. Less Than Jake was fun! I still find myself humming "Jen" from time to time.

Daniel said...

The ska scene is so desperately trying to reemerge here. The kids are there...but the bands just don't seem to have the talent. LTJ are mostly a joke in G-ville these days, but there is no hatred for them. The lead singer will pop up at shows every now and then and everyone seems to pretend to care.

Against Me! on the other hand? They can't show their face anymore.

Anyway, there really IS no Florida scene. Central Florida is lately known for really bad scenester hardcore, but that's about it.

Black Kids are certainly better than anything in the local circuit, but their not putting any place on the map, as it were.

kittle said...

So this what you do at work?