Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"On my current list of weird, that doesn’t even make the top ten.": Journeyman

Has there ever been a love triangle as strange as the one on this show? Check it: here we have Dan and wife Katie, who just happens to be Dan’s brother’s ex-girlfriend. Now throw into the mix Dan’s dead-but-not-actually-dead-just-time-traveling ex-fiancĂ© Livia, and you’ve got a geometric tangle of a love story worthy of a telenovela.
I think on Passions there was a love triangle that involved two humans and an orangutan, which is weirder…but just barely. The ins and outs of Dan’s messy love life came to the forefront in last night’s episode, which was much improved from the week before.

Dan runs into Livia again on his travels – which, I would like an explanation as to how does she keeps popping up like that – and finally gets a few answers from her. She was a traveler before she met Dan, but it stopped prior to their relationship so she decided not to tell him about it, I’m sure for fear he would think she was a nutjob. Her traveling seems to have picked up again right around the time she “died” in the plane crash. Not a whole lot revealed, but at least we’re getting somewhere. Dan lets it slip that he married Katie, and Livia is shocked and a bit upset by the news, but plays nice and tells Dan she’s glad he’s happy. She gives him her watch to keep the time, which comes back to haunt Dan later when Katie finds it in his coat pocket. You see, Dan told Katie he hadn’t seen anyone he knew on his trips. Katie catches him in the lie and is rightfully upset, although I’m not sure how much of a leg Ms. “I banged your brother for years before moving on to you” has to stand on, here. Like I said before, this is one messy triangle. Or quadrangle. Whatever.

This week’s time travel escapades bring Dan back to the day of the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. I vividly remember this earthquake because, against my baseball-hating will, I was watching the World Series pregame when it happened live on the air. (I come from a house of baseball freaks. My mother has season tickets to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays games. THE DEVIL RAYS, for God’s sake. I know, it was a tough childhood.) Different than normal, however, is that Dan keeps returning to the same day instead of different days. He meets a gambling loser named Alan Pratt (played by eternaloser John Billingsley) and realizes he probably was sent there to help him. However, he keeps getting sidetracked trying to warn the cops of the impending earthquake and save his boss’ sister Charlotte, who died in one of the tunnels that day.

Despite his best efforts, Dan is unable to change the outcome for those who died in the earthquake, but he is able to save loser Alan Pratt from his fate of committing suicide in the future…by almost getting him killed in the earthquake. Which makes him appreciate life. Just go with it. In the end, we learn that Pratt becomes a lawyer for The Justice Project and frees several people from wrongful convictions, which is why it was important Dan save him. I’m really very tired of only getting a fifteen second, tacked-on explanation as to why these losers we and Dan have to spend 44 minutes with are worth saving, but in this case I adore The Justice Project so I am letting it slide. They appealed to my idealistic side, those sneaky bastards.

One thing that was different and interesting this week was to see Dan try to actively change something in the past that affects the people around him – in this case, his attempt to save his boss’ sister, Charlotte. Although it was ultimately unsuccessful it showed a different aspect to Dan’s journey that was enjoyable. The next step is to have him change something significantly in the past that alters the future in a detrimental manner. If they allow the show to go somewhere really dark, it could be much more compelling.

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Nea said...

Hey Carrie,
I have been able to watch some of this show. I think I will keep watching it to see how it progresses. I was thinking about this show and it reminded me a little bit of Quantum Leap (since he leaps from time to time "striving to put right what once went wrong"), as well as a book called "The Time Travelers Wife". If you have not read this book, I recommend it. This book is so great and I keep using what I read in that book to give more character to the main guy.