Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A quick note on last night's HIMYM

(Because I wanted to use the screencap of the Hot/Crazy scale from Alan Sepinwall's blog and because I found it fascinating, I'm reprinting part of this comment for your enjoyment and edification. -- ed.)

Faithful blog reader (and great blogger in his own right) Kenny pointed out something in a comment made to yesterday's HIMYM post. As I recall, Kenny spent a little time in the HIMYM writers' room in season one, which leads to his impressive insight (and causes a quick pang of jealousy from your friendly blogger).

Sez Kenny:

The "This is my year!" blow-up by a girl who makes handbags was taken directly from something that happened to writer Ira Ungerleider during the first season, and seeing it finally make it into the show after all this time made the moment even more hilarious to me.

I don't know what else he knows about which jokes that get into the show come from which sources, but I know I'm interested. You won't see THAT at TV Squad!

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Kenny said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm not sure Ira (who cameoed as a teacher in season one's prom episode) is still on the show (I don't remember seeing his credit recently), but to clarify, it was at a gathering with several of the HIMYM writers present (I wasn't there, but they told the story in the room the next day). I mention this to dispel any notion that the writers plundered the experience of someone who is not longer on staff. However, Ira was the one who provoked the girl's outburst and was the target of her disproportionate ire.