Monday, October 29, 2007

"She even has a juice drink named after her in China. And a lawnmower!": Men in Trees

Men in Trees begins an interesting tightrope walk this week as Marin and Jack's "will they or won't they" romance rises to the surface yet again. Now that Lynn is out of the picture for good, they are going to have to make a decision: do they put off the inevitable pairing, or buck convention and put them back together permanently and find a way to write an interesting committed relationship? After only one episode the writers aren't quite showing what direction they're headed yet, but luckily for them they have so many wonderful supporting characters to work with that no matter what they do the show feels like it can survive.

Jack spends the episode ridding himself of any traces of Lynn in his life, sending all of her belongings to her new home in Vancouver and even getting his "Lynn" tattoo removed. He now realizes what an idiot he was to mess his relationship with Marin up so badly, and even tells her so in a very nice scene at Marin's cabin. Marin explains that she cannot talk to him about this so soon after the breakup because she doesn't want to do something she regrets, by which she obviously means jumping back into it with him too soon. She nicely encourages him to let the town help him heal, and he does just that by showing up at the big Spring Skate festival at the end of the episode. It's a very nice way to end the whole Lynn chapter and potentially start a new chapter in the Marin/Jack saga, and it felt very natural. Anne Heche is always a joy to watch in this role, but she really shines in her scenes with James Tupper, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Elsewhere in Elmo, Mai's famous ice dancing cousin Lucy Wu comes into town for a visit just in time to meet Buzz's gay son George (who is in Alaska scouting fat camp locations). Lucy laments that she cannot get a green card and stay in Alaska with Mai, so George nicely offers to marry her until she finds a suitable husband. This doesn't sit well with George's boyfriend, who admits he wants a committed relationship. Lucy goes back to her ice dancing tour, George and his boyfriend embark on a committed relationship, and it is all very sweet.

Also as sweet as ever are Annie and Patrick, who are preparing for their wedding. After inadvertently asking George to be his best man, Patrick realizes that George wants a slightly different wedding than he does (butterscotch fountain vs. cupcakes, raw bar vs. mini quesadillas, etc.) and asks Marin to be his best man instead. Annie freaks out because she already asked Marin to be her maid of honor, but in the end gives Marin to Patrick because he simply needs more help than she does. And that...sounds like a very lame story, but it was quite cute. Really.

Cash and Marin are living in domestic bliss, but once Cash realizes how comfortable he is, he decides he needs to take off because he hates becoming attached. He takes off only to get sick and have to go back to Marin's house for some healing chicken soup. He only ends up leaving again, but I don't think he's left Elmo for good. My question is: where are they going with this Cash character? If they are hoping we buy him as an obstacle for the Jack/Marin relationship they are sorely mistaken. Cash is no Jack.

Next week: bachelor/bachelorette party madness! Complete with mud wrestlers!

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I thought this was a good episode. I've enjoyed all of them this season actually. Cynthia Stevenson is great in her role.