Friday, October 12, 2007

"She was a yoga teacher. It was the bendiest weekend of my life.": Supernatural

For all of the things it does well, one thing this show always has a hard time with is subtlety. So when I heard they were doing a storyline about Dean meeting a child he might have fathered, I knew we were in for a few anvils to the head...and yes, I definitely had to duck a few times during the episode to avoid a good bludgeoning. Despite these shortcomings, however, last night's episode was a step up from the premiere, full of scary fun and interesting revelations about the Winchester family that set up things nicely for the season to come.

Let's deal with the anvils first. Dean decides he wants to investigate a job in Indiana where a man was (disgustingly, awesomely) killed by his own table saw under suspicious circumstances. The real reason he's interested in the Hoosier state, though, is that old fling Lisa lives there and Dean wants to look her up and get bendy with her again. He shows up on her doorstep just in time for her son's 8th birthday party, and the kid is a total mini-Dean, from tight black t-shirt, to ogling girls, to loving AC/DC. Because lots of 8 year olds are like that. Naturally, Dean starts to wonder if the kid is his, but the mother debunks that theory. This doesn't stop the show from showing us, time and time again, that the kid is just! like! Dean! It's mildly amusing a few times, but mostly just tiring.

While at the party Dean meets the ex-wife of the man that was killed by saw earlier in the episode and her creepy, creepy daughter. The mother confesses to Lisa that she thinks her child isn't actually her child, and generally acts like a psycho. It turns out she's not so crazy, because at home later the child continues to act strangely, and when the mother sees her in the mirror she sees a monster instead of her child. This causes her to freak out and drive her kid to the lake, where she full-on Susan Smiths her kid! It's pretty amazing, especially when she returns to her house and the supposedly dead, soaking wet kid is sitting at the table, smiling, and requesting ice cream. *shudder*

Back at the subdivision, Dean realizes that there have been several other "accidents" happening to parents there and he and Sam deduct that changelings are taking over the kids in the neighborhood and killing their mothers by sucking the life force out of them. Isn't that what all kids do anyway? (I kid, I kid. Oh, bad pun. Sorry.) Of course, Lisa's son Ben is taken next which compels Dean into action. Somehow Dean knows right where to go and he and Sam find all of the captured children in a partially constructed house in the neighborhood. When they arrive they discover that the local realtor is the head changeling. After a fun fight, Sam fries the realtor with a flamethrower and all of the other changelings disappear, because...well, I don't know why. For such an exposition-heavy show, sometimes they leave these sort of important explanations out. The kids are returned to their parents and all is well. Dean gets a few decent scenes where he muses on the fact that he'll never have this suburban life, but since we've sort of seen it all before in previous seasons it doesn't quite resonate like it should.

While Dean is contemplating that which he will never have in life, Sam is back in the kick-ass portion of the episode, busy being visited by the Mysterious Blond Woman. MBW shows smarts immediately by saying she's interested in Sam because he's tall. So, so tall and pretty. You got me there, girlie. Oh, she also lets the cat out of the bag that's she's a DEMON and that she's following him because he's the sole survivor of YED's special kids, and that he's the chosen one. She also tells Sam that his mother Mary had some secrets of her own, and now all of Mary's friends are dead because someone is trying to cover up what Mary knew, and is systematically taking out anyone who knew about it as well. When Sam questions why he should have anything to do with a demon, she says that if they work together she can get Dean out of his crossroads deal.

I can't tell you how much I love this development. I did not see it coming that MBW was a demon, but now it makes perfect sense. I'm more than interested to know what YED did to Sam that still has any sort of repercussions on his life, considering that YED is dead. Also, what was Mary's secret? We know she knew YED because she recognized him when he fried her in the nursery. We also know that right before he fried Mary, YED made Sam drink his blood and therefore Sam has demon blood in him. Sam never told Dean either of these secrets. Of course, he's probably going to keep all of these new MBW developments from Dean as well because Dean doesn't want to get out of the crossroads deal, for fear that Sam might die.

I can see where the season is headed now,, this is going to get good.

Next week: The second female regular is added to the cast, and she has a British accent! Also, Jared Padalecki says something funny.

Question for the Supernatural superfans out there: is it just me, or does the show feel different this year? Did they get a new production designer and/or cinematographer? I abandoned the interwebs when the new cast member tirades started so I think I missed something. Or maybe I'm just crazy.


Todd said...

What's up with all of the changelings everywhere all of a sudden? Did everyone in the international entertainment industry read Keith Donohue's "The Stolen Child" simultaneously?

Carrie said...

What else has had changelings? So I can know to avoid those programs, because creepy kids weird me out.