Monday, October 29, 2007

"The two of you were gonna play gin the way you do every Tuesday.": Brotherhood

After five episodes, Brotherhood is now at the midpoint of its second season, and it feels as if things are slowly picking up speed. We should be all downhill from here, and I'm thinking that we're going to see resolutions to most of these storylines. Though, hey, remember when Michael had disappeared for that long period of time, and there was a big mystery as to where he was and it was heavily implied that he and Eileen had had a thing back in the day? Whatever happened to THAT?

Probably the biggest development was that Tommy and Eileen briefly split (for, like, a day) before he took her back in. His relationship with Dana continues to grow, and it's obvious that he's mostly keeping Eileen in his life for the kids and to win the election (he asked her, in fact, if they could table the discussion until after the election -- a line I thought was too on-the-nose; there's no way he ALWAYS talks in political-ese). I'm enjoying watching Tommy's bitterness at his wife slowly grow more and more rancorous and turn more and more inward. I can't imagine this ending well, but maybe he's just making his journey toward some form of forgiveness.

The other plotline I was most interested in was Colin finding out that his birth father was Judd (of all people). Len Cariou's performance as Judd has long been one of my favorites, and I like this new angle they've given him, particularly as it lets him share scenes with Brian F. O'Byrne. I didn't quite buy that everyone in Providence would be THIS incestuous (I mean, don't they have ANYone else to hang out with?), but, hey, it was interesting, and I'll gladly watch Cariou, O'Byrne and Fionnuala Flanagan in scenes together.

I'm going to cut this short because I didn't get to it until late (and only, like, two of you read these anyway), but I'll give you fuller analysis next week, as we head downhill toward the end of the season. Are you liking this season so far? And what happened to Michael's head trauma?


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"(and only, like, two of you read these anyway)"

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