Sunday, October 21, 2007

"What did I say about you and the wall?": Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice

Gonna blast through both Shondas tonight, cause I was away over the weekend and I'm just catching up now. Grey's first, then. I haven't blogged this since the premiere but it's not out of dislike. Gizzie is still toxic and just not going away, but apart from that the show's having fun with itself, so I'm happy. More Gizzie later. Let's do the rest first.

Edward Herrmann! Hahahaha. *giggle*. He's basically playing the world's oldest intern (Arthur, right? Let's call him Arthur) in the exact same way he played Richard Gilmore - bemused, bit posh, kinda charming, slightly scatterbrained. Still, it's a good storyline, and I especially liked his interactions with Meredith. The whole thing kinda reeks of a three-episode arc, but I'd love it if he stuck around a little longer. His "I'm saying the things young people say!" schtick will get old (no pun, I promise!) but they could have a lot more fun with him if they toned down the jokes. They're not gonna, though. Dunno why I'm even wondering. Still, he's added a nice element of slapstick humor to the plots he's been involved in, and keeping things light on Grey's Anatomy is always good.

What else has been happening? Ignore Gizzie, ignore Gizzie...Lexie is great. It's amazing how good Grey's is at introducing new regulars and having them just fit in immediately. Addison, Callie, Sloan, now Lexie--it takes a couple episodes, and then it's as if they were always there. Really, one of the show's biggest strengths, and Lexie is working out great. Not only is she really sweet, but...well, okay. Mostly she's just really sweet. Still, she has that doe-eyed vibe this show had in its early episodes. She kinda reminds me of George and Meredith and Izzie back then, and how much more I liked them, and how much more normal and excited they used to act around medicine. Dunno how I feel about Shepherd and Lexie getting all pally, though. It's a little creepy? Can't she be buddies with George, or someone? Shepherd's her boss, he's so much older than her, and he's doinking her half-sister. I was almost on Cristina's side when McDreamy bitched her out, even though Cristina was being a total pain.

Cristina's one of the show's best assets right now, though. She had really suffered in the third season cause she was always paired with Burke and her storylines with him were insular and basically ineffective. Now, she's allowed to be Queen Bitch again, and I love the way she's working through her breakup with Burke. No big stupid freakouts (at least not after the season 3 finale), instead she uses her fake grief to score cool surgeries off Meredith. In fact they're building up Cristina/Meredith again, which is also great. Getting the ol' crew united again really would be helpful. In a really retro move, they even had Alex admitting he's still got a little bit of a thing for Izzie! Not news that I'm entirely thrilled with, honestly. Just because Izzie drags down characters so badly these days, and Alex is basically my favorite, plus, hello? Ava? Who is returning soon? Still, planting that germ of an idea will hopefully pay off in future episodes when they use it to finally get rid of Gizzie.

Gizzie. I won't say much. It's bad. It's bad enough that Izzie and George behave so badly,, and talk such nonsense, and claim to be in love with each other (ugggh). But it's even worse when CALLIE gets on my nerves. Her whole "I forgive you" stuff to George and "how DARE you humiliate me" stuff to Izzie just made me nauseous. I'm sick of the whole thing. Bah. Fix it. Please?

Private Practice, eh? I'm more up to date on this one, so less to say. The most recent episode had Addison planning a party and nobody remembering to come, which I thought was kinda funny. Cause it confirmed how like, she's barely ever there on this show. It ended with the lot of them getting together at her place and partying on the beach, though, and it was quite nice. Getting Addison integrated and having the staff really work as a team rather than bickering is really gonna help this show. Also, they revived the idea that Addison could have a baby, after basically killing it dead in the backdoor pilot. Good idea, cause that was a pretty harsh thing to do to ol' Addison. Still, not sure I like the idea of her being pregnant so early into this show. Maybe it's just in case Kate Walsh gets knocked up by her new hubby.

We also had the revelation that Cooper has been harboring a long crush on Naomi. Hmm. Now, it was obvious that the idea of Cooper/Naomi (still easily the show's biggest assets) in a romantic configuration was going to come up. How could it not. Playing this card, which seems like basically a rehash of George and Meredith from GA (except they're like, 15 years older), doesn't seem like the perfect move. However they want to justify it, I guess, but still, means they're probably going to draaaggg it out and that's never fun, is it. Cooper's storyline with the gay skateboarder was great though.

Other plots were pretty boring. But PP, which just got a pickup, is growing into itself a little bit. I'm not loving it, but I can see liking it a lot one day. Here's hoping it doesn't settle into a rut as the weeks go on.


Carrie said...

I'm done with Private Practice.

As for Grey's, I was going to be done after this episode. George, Izzie and Callie's idiocy is taking over the show, and I'm not enjoying it any longer. Then today, I heard the best news EVER. EVER. Joshua Jackson is going to do a multi-episode arc as a doctor!!!! Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. They are probably going to have him hit on Izzie, though, which might make me hurl.

When Callie pulled the "you're a girl, you shouldn't do that to a girl" speech I wanted to punch her. George is the one who cheated, but he gets a pass and Izzie is on the hook for the whole thing? Screw you, Callie. You're the one doing a bad thing to a girl by blaming the girl and not your husband.

David Sims said...

I totally, totally agree with you about Callie. Her nonsense speechifying seriously bothered me.

Joshua Jackson eh? He's perfect for this show! Literally perfect! Maybe they'll keep him around? Maybe? McDreamy2?

And don't give up on Private Practice. It's gonna get good sometime. I just know it!