Monday, October 01, 2007

"You have a better chance at banging me on that bar than you do of talking to her.":Prison Break

Every now and then there is an episode of Prison Break where really not that much happens to serve the overall plot as a whole and it feels more like a procedural show. Michael Scofield's problem of the week, if you will. Well this was one of those episodes so there isn't all that much to talk about. The entire thing centers around Michael and Lincoln's attempts to arrange a cell phone call between Sara and Michael in a proof of life scenario. This despite the fact that at the very beginning of the episode Lincoln gets pictures of both L.J. and Sara holding up the current newspaper. Now, we all know that Sarah Wayne Calles is off the show, but could they have been any more blatant about using a different actress for this picture? It looks like her, sort of, if you don't really look at the picture closely at all. But it is clearly not her. Not that this show has any remorse about recasting; I think they have recast Sucre's girlfriend, Maricruz, at least once if not twice already.

Before I talk about that though, I'll talk about what else is going on both in Sona and outside the prison. Bellick is on a quest to get shoes this episode! Fascinating stuff. He eventually steals them from someone who he was fighting with earlier in the episode when the guy was busy giving Lechero a haircut. Lechero having a haircut is a pretty weird plot device seeing as how he, you know, doesn't have any hair. If he can have a telephone and a television don't you think he could maybe score an electric razor as well? Mahone finds out from his lawyer that he will not be having a trial date for a year, which naturally angers him. He threatens his lawyer in a fit of rage while simultaneously asking for a new supply of his drug that he's fiending for, Varatril. I went through the trouble of looking it up because I was curious and it is fictional. By the way he's acting though I am guessing it is supposed to be a sedative of some kind. He also has a plot-convenience conversation with Whistler, who doesn't trust Scofield, where he tells him that Scofield will do anything for the ones he loves but will screw anyone else over. Considering that Scofield reveals to Whistler that he is going to help him break out because of Sara, I guess Whistler will trust Michael now. Sucre doesn't do much at all this episode except beg Lincoln for money, then show up drunk on his doorstep. It looks like the show is suffering from the same problem last season, where it has to make up boring subplots for all of the peripheral characters. I hope that these people have something to do with the escape from Sona soon, as their plot threads are just irritating me at this point.

T-Bag, at least, has something to do with the main arc this time around. Michael decides that he needs a cellphone to talk to Sara and threatens to reveal to the religious Panamanians that T-Bag is a rapist and child molestor unless he helps him attain use of the phone for a period of time. T-Bag, not wanting to die, lets Michael use the phone while Lechero is out getting his haircut. I quietly wonder to myself what happened to the regular phone that Lechero was talking on last episode, and why he thinks it is so important to get it charged so quickly that he is willing to leave it alone for someone to steal. T-Bag also plants information in Lechero's head that his minions want to overthrow him, so we may be seeing a power coup in the next few weeks. Anyway, the cellphone is the important thing, and Michael gets to receive a call from Sara after all. But he forgets to put it back completely on the charger, prompting Lechero to check his outgoing calls and discover that a call was made to Lincoln! He does not, however, check his incoming calls to realize that he was called by a kidnapper. He asks his minions to investigate this number, which means that he will of course find out that Lincoln is Michael's brother, leading to trouble for Michael later. You know, if I had a cellphone in a prison, I would probably keep it with me at all times even if other people feared me and even if it needed to be charged. This whole scenario was just completely ridiculous and hilarious I thought.

When talking to Sara, who is clearly not Sarah Wayne Calles judging by the voice (and I wonder why they even bother to show the shots of her back while she's talking, everyone knows its not her), she tells Michael that rescuing her is a "lost cause" and (I'm paraphrasing here) "its like they're giving us until midnight when we need until 3:00 AM." I realize immediately that this is some kind of code. When Michael tells Lincoln about it, it takes him a lot longer. You're smart, Lincoln, really you are! There happens to be a statue of The Lady of the Lost Causes, Saint Rita, in Panama City, so Lincoln (after a tip from a cab driver, because goodness knows he can't figure out anything on his own) goes there. Since it would be bad television if Lincoln was smart in this situation, he does not figure out the three o'clock clue right away, so just when he does Sara breaks a window inside the building in which she is being held captive and her captors escape with her and L.J. before Lincoln can set them free. You're going to be in trouble now with that Company woman Lincoln! When talking to her later on the phone, she reveals that she has left him something in the garage of his hotel, a punishment for his transgression. We see a box with blood dripping out of it; perfect for the size of someone's head. My guess? Sara is dead, and we won't have to see fake-Sara any longer.

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