Monday, October 29, 2007

"You've got a kid who came flying out of the closet and a husband looking for the doorknob.": Desperate Housewives

Well, five weeks into the season I've finally figured out what makes a decent episode of this show: no Susan.
Susan's character works as an element in another storyline, but whenever she gets a story of her very own it's so far over the top and out of anything resembling reality that it becomes painful. This episode had three main storylines, all of them decently entertaining and none of them revolving around Susan, and it added up to a very pleasant episode indeed.

Center stage was Wisteria Lane's battle with the new kids on the block, Bob and Lee, and their godawful fountain. The second it went up the ladies of the block deemed it an eyesore and vowed to get rid of it at all costs, which involved electing a new president of the homeowners association, a post that was vacated when Mary Alice committed suicide. Now, I don't know if any of you live in a place with a homeowners association, but the thought of a block that bitchy allowing the presidential position to be open for four years is patently ridiculous. Those homeowners associations are cutthroat, and someone else on the board would have been gunning for the top spot while Mary Alice's body was still warm.

Katherine decides to run for the top spot and initially runs unopposed, until she hints to Lynnette that the tree house in her yard will have to come down as well because it isn't up to code. Lynnette decides to run against her because her kids use the tree house as a "safe zone" from cancer and she feels guilty. She drums up enough support to cause a tie at the vote but it turns out it's only a tie because Susan, stuck in the middle between supporting a friend and wanting the very ugly and loud fountain gone, votes twice. When pressed, Susan goes with Katherine and upsets Lynnette. In the end, Lynnette confronts Katherine about how she is sticky sweet some moments and super bitchy the next, and Katherine backs down and allows her to keep the tree house. Katherine isn't so forgiving of Bob and Lee's fountain, but when she goes to tell them to get rid of it they prove they will fit right in on Wisteria Lane by blackmailing her with threats of revealing what happened with her husband Adam in Chicago if she makes them remove the fountain. I still don't know what happened in Chicago, but it reeks of some sort of sexual harassment scandal, and that is really not interesting enough for the amount of time they are spending teasing out the reveal.

Surprisingly interesting this week were Gabby and Carlos, whose plan to meet at a fancy hotel for a weekend tryst is foiled when Gabby runs into ex-lover John and his pregnant wife in the lobby. John takes this chance meeting as a sign he and Gabby should be together again, and tries to restart their relationship. Carlos overhears their conversation and has to face some hard truths about what he and Gabby are doing. Thankfully, he finally comes to a sane and adult decision and tells Gabby it's time to end the affair, break it off with their significant others, and wait a few months before getting back together out of respect for Victor and Edie. Too bad for them this very adult decision comes at the exact wrong time, as Edie's hired private eye catches them during their goodbye kiss and turns the photos over to Edie. I have a feeling Edie's going to tell Victor, and this is all about to get very, very ugly. Right when Carlos and Gabby were becoming likable again! The faster they finish this story the better, because as uninteresting as I find Gabby and Carlos most of the time, I find Victor to be ten times worse.

Bree is busy retrieving Danielle from her grandmother's clutches by promises of convertibles, college in Florida and fun over her current option: raising a baby and living in a retirement home with her grandmother. Danielle, ever the shallow girl, goes with the fun in return for letting Bree raise her baby as her own. Hopefully Andrew will get a new storyline soon, because as amusing as I find Danielle I really miss devious Andrew. He's had a few moments this year but nothing close to how much fun he has shown he can be in past seasons.

All in all, a very nice way to spend an hour. In next week's Halloween episode, Danielle hilariously dresses up like her pregnant mother, but things go wrong when her water breaks in the middle of the Halloween party. Wacky hijinx are sure to ensue!

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