Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"You've made enabling an art form.": Journeyman

For how much is actually going on in this show right now, it sure is boring me. In this episode alone there were at least four different continuing storylines running, along with the past "person of the week" Dan was prescribed to help. Some of these stories were even mildly interesting. However, something happens when they put them all together that sends me right into dreamland, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is.

Let's start with the interesting stuff. Probably my favorite thing that's happened this entire season was Dan's storyline with his son Zack. Jumping while he was looking after him at a local farmer's market was a great way to add tension to Dan's abilities, because it hammers home the fact that he can never be alone with Zack for fear of what might happen, which is pretty darn tragic. The best twist was when Zack saw Dan jump and told his dad how he understands him now because he saw "his magic." It was a nice little moment of child wonder, something that the show was smart by featuring.

Also interesting is Elliot Langley, the tachyon expert. He randomly showed up for a meeting at Dan's office and proceeded to be...well...strange, and sort of awesome at the same time. Dan asked him about time travel and its possibility and Langley was cagey at best. Dan also asked if they had spoken before in the 90's, which Langley denied but could definitely be lying about. It's obvious Langley knows more than he is saying, and seems to be playing along with Dan at this point and seeing what he knows more than telling him outright what's going on. This time travel deal has to lead up to something more, but if it does they are definitely not showing their hand just yet. Hopefully this storyline will pick up soon because it is probably the most compelling thing they have going on.

Slightly interesting is the story behind Dan's father (played by Joel Gretsch of The 4400, seemingly making a living off of the sci-fi genre) who Dan goes to visit while in the past to get help on a case. It seems that dear old Dad left Dan when he was very small, and generally seems like a self-involved ass. Dan visiting his past like this is something the show needs to do more, and considering that his father is played by a semi-known face I have a feeling we might be seeing him again.

Much, much less interesting is Dan's brother Jack and his continued meddling in Dan and Katie's life.
There should be some sort of rule that "Jack" can no longer be used for television character names, because ENOUGH with the Jacks already. Jack sucks, and I wish they could just convince him of Dan's time travel so we can be done with this ridiculousness for good. Also wrapped up in this ridiculousness is the continued pursuit of the robber from last week, which the police believe was Dan. Honestly, this is just one more complication to the time traveling thing that I don't think needs to be there yet. Isn't his family situation enough for now?

Also uninteresting is the past "person of the week" story which is quite sad because it is shamelessly ripped off from the D.B. Cooper story, which I find fascinating. Unfortunately, Journeyman's D.B. Cooper (called Dylan McCleen) was a special forces soldier who served in Vietnam and only stole the money and jumped out of the plane so he could use that money to bring a Cambodian family to America because they had helped him when he was wounded in the war. YAWN. Really, show? You have the entire D.B. Cooper story and decide this is what you want to do with it? Whatever. Everyone knows Jimmy James is really D.B. Cooper anyway.

Overall, there are definitely things to like about this show but it's just not coming together for my own personal tastes. What do you guys think? Is anyone out there still enjoying this show or is everyone, like me, just using it as an insomnia cure?


Nea said...

I liked when the story focussed on his kid and dad. It made me care about his character more. Maybe they should spend more time on stuff like that so people buy in to caring, then add in some other stuff. I think that Langley will be a bad guy(as a side note, I think maybe his dad was a time traveler-and maybe Langley knew and that is why he asked so many questions). He was totally sending out a weirdo vibe! That whole question asking if "anyone as tried to use the fictional character" for their own purposes? That cannot be a good thing! Overall, I think they could have left out the saving a family from Cambodia stuff, it really didn't matter in the story. I keep watching because the scifi nerd in me wants it to be good! Also, does anyone besides you and me watch this show?

Carrie said...

Nea, I don't think so. Ha.

Sazbo said...

Bravo on the Jimmy James shout out.