Wednesday, November 28, 2007

“Ah! Not pretty! Ugly!”: Chuck

So, to open on my one and only negative point, I take back what I said last week about Bryce sticking around long-term. I loved everything about Chuck’s latest episode, ‘Chuck versus the Nemesis’ – except for Matthew Bomer’s performance. Bomer is a relatively bland actor, and played Bryce as an ultra-handsome, ultra-serious Bond alike that totally didn’t gel with Chuck’s overall tone. Not that it’s his fault, as that’s the way Bryce is written, but based on this episode I’d say Bryce is too lacking in whimsy to appear more than very occasionally.

Other than that: brilliant. Absolutely marvellous. Bryce’s return was perfectly handled, resolving some unanswered questions while believably spoiling the bourgeoning relationship between Chuck and Sarah. The answers to the mysteries weren’t all that shocking, but who really watches Chuck for that stuff anyway? We watch for the fun! ‘Nemesis’ was even more fun than usual, especially the thanksgiving dinner and the genius last ten minutes.

There were like a million other things I liked here, but here’s a selection: Chuck and Bryce talking in Klingon, Casey interacting with Captain Awesome at Thanksgiving (“I have two words for you: water sports”), Morgan’s orgasmic response to Sarah’s sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows (man, I have to try that), and Casey’s response to Chuck’s worries over Sarah: “Don’t worry Chuck. Sarah leaves, we’ll get you a new girl.” The final scene was a nice capper, with a nuanced Yvonne Strahovski silently making her decision between Chuck and Bryce. The outcome may be obvious, barring any random cast changes, but I liked the way it was done: the two calling at the same time, Bryce on an antiquated looking phone, representing Sarah’s past, and Chuck on the vibrating mobile, symbolising her possible future. That’s right, Chuck can do symbolism!

For the first time, the Buy More plot was just as good as the spy one (although they did intertwine at the end, but still). Big Mike was hilarious as usual, and Morgan and Anna are an amusingly miss-matched couple. The obvious highlight, though, was the Pineapple Incident. (That’s actually the name of the HIMYM episode, but it’s as good a term as any.) Everything about that sequence – Big Mike running in slo-mo, Jeff constantly getting knocked out, Anna screaming as the crowd engulfed her – was brilliant. If that balance keeps up, I’ll have one less thing to complain about, leaving me with not much negative to say at all. Not that I’ll mind that.


page said...

I loved this episode, it was very satisfying. The Buy More stuff was so funny, more so given all the media hype we'd just lived through about Black Friday. Morgan and the chick are hilarious. I know her from somewhere, I remember liking her on whatever she was on before also. When was the last time we had more than one new original, imaginative show on in a single season? Long time. We lucked out this year, strike notwithstanding.

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