Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Daddy, you're so wasted!" - Dirty Sexy Money

There are only so many complaints I can have when Donald Sutherland spends an hour of television getting drunk on tequila. When the frustrating Karen and Nick storyline rears its ugly head, all I have to do is think back to Tripp Darling carrying around a giant bottle of tequila and a smile cracks my face.

But the smile wasn’t there for long: while the show’s zip is certainly not lost in this episode, I am fairly certain that the show’s current direction is like Karen’s fifth wedding just waiting to happen.

And yes, there may be a fifth wedding in Karen’s future: after realizing that Freddy actually loved her, Karen requested an annulment 45 minutes after tying the knot. The ceremony itself was quite nice, with a charming sermon from Brian, but Karen just wasn’t willing to accept an image of Freddy beyond his gold-digging ways. I liked that it was his elevator address that put her over the top – it seemed natural for her to panic in that situation, as it fits her character.

But then they had to spoil it all by doing something stupid like framing her decision around her love for Nick. She proclaims her love to him, and then kisses him, and I immediately became entirely sick of this storyline. I liked Karen’s obsession with Nick when it was a light-hearted comic undertone, but now Karen is actually gunning for him (with her mother’s help); next week appears to bring yet another dinner table confrontation that results in Lisa running off and Nick following her.

The show can’t dip into the same well for long with this storyline, nor do I think there is any water left: for better or for worse, I don’t buy Nick even considering it. He has a wife and a daughter, and should be inscrutable to Karen’s overt ploys by now. The show is already dealing with two philandering husbands, why would Nick ever consider joining their club? It’s not that Karen’s isn’t a catch: four marriages or not, as a single male I’d be all over that. But Nick isn’t single, and I don’t see the logic behind his inability to just ignore it entirely.

Speaking of the other cheaters, Patrick took center stage this week as his relationship with Simon Elder resulted in the arrest of Tripp’s close pals, Patrick moving out of Maison Darling, and Elder turning the tables by secretly informing Patrick’s wife about Carmelita. While I enjoyed his wife’s cold realization that she didn’t marry a Darling for nothing and would have to live with a third wheel, Patrick’s storyline still often feels like a half-cooked device to give Donald Sutherland more scenery to chew (Did I mention he drank a bottle of tequila? And that it was awesome?).

In other news, a big “Awww HELL No!” to Brian Jr.’s mother – not only were you played by a different actress (The original, Brooke Smith, is now a regular on Grey’s Anatomy), but you also are attempting to take away the ever-fantastic Brian Jr. from me…and by me, I mean his father who loves him. I’d feel worse for Brian if he hadn’t also slept with said mother who desires to head back to Brazil, but I can’t possibly desire to tear these two apart: plus, I seriously doubt there’s fencing lessons in Sao Paolo [I may stand corrected: in 2004, Sao Paolo was the site of the first International Seminar of Wheelchair Fencing…but still, you can’t take my Brian Jr. from me].

Further Observations

- Seriously, people, Donald Sutherland drunk on tequila. It doesn’t get any better than that, I’m sorry.
- Kiki, Nick and Lisa’s young daughter, finally had actual lines this week. She even had a few neat little lines in the episode’s brief foray into the world of the tabloids (Where Karen’s wedding pictures weren’t worth quite as much as she’d hope to…mildly humorous results, I guess). But she’s no Brian Jr., even though she towers over him.
- Juliet and Natalie Kimpton became friends again in two scenes flat: and Jeremy had maybe two lines in this episode. I don’t know why we even bothered with the Juliet/Natalie reunion when it provided nothing of import to the episode.
- The end of the episode turned oddly serious, with Tripp discovering that Elder was using Patrick and that war was on their hands. This leads into next week’s country getaway which will see much hunting and wine-drinking commence. Personally, I’m more excited to know that the more we see of Elder, the closer we get to Gina Torres (Alias, Firefly) playing his ex-wife.
- Karen had three note-worthy quips this episode: the above title, “I want a Divorce. Now.” And “I would never ruin a party.” Oh Karen: hopefully they don’t tear your quippiness away.


Jon Delfin said...

Agreed: Single weakest point of the show is Nick's inability to just say no to Karen. Keeps the show on an "every now and then" footing for me.

Uncle Ira said...

I may have missed something, but did we ever find out which of the Darling children was actually fathered by Dutch, and therefore Nick’s half sib? Ever since it was first discussed I've been expecting them to reveal that it’s Karen, as if that storyline isn’t icky enough.....

Myles said...

Uncle, we have yet to learn this (Hopefully the answer isn't a writer's strike casualty, I'd be really interested to learn what they had in mind).

However, I would have to assume it is not Karen. Firstly, because I don't think Letitia would agree to help her bed him if she was his half-sister (Unless she hearts adultery and incest). Second, because I don't think that the show would ever be willing to go there.

My money is on Brian - after the Brian Jr. arc sadly ends in the future, he'll need something else to do. He also appears to have the most bad blood with Nick and his father, so I figure it would serve as the most dramatic.

Uncle Ira said...

Myles, I had the same thought about Lettia but it occurred to me that perhaps she was insisting on “helping” in order to be in a position to interfere and keep them apart. In any case, I’m glad to know that I didn’t miss finding out who it was. I hope we find out before they run out of episodes...

Myles said...

I don't think they've got the balls to touch the incest question - if anything, I'd say that Berlanti is more likely to push that button over at Brothers & Sisters with Justin/Rebecca. Because, after all, at least they have real chemistry.

Carrie said...

I was worried this was the direction they were going with Nick/Karen and I hate it.

Oh, and ew to Justin and Rebecca. Once you know it's your sibling, having a flirtation is just gross. Before you know it's your sibling, on! Ha.

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