Monday, November 05, 2007

"I find that fun is more spontaneous when there's careful planning behind it.": Men in Trees

Last week I opined that this show was entering tricky territory in regards to the Marin/Jack relationship, not sure where they were going and expressing a little bit of concern. One episode later, I can say that any worries I had are quickly dissipating. Their relationship was front and center this week, and instead of being tiring like the central relationship on another quirky ABC soap, it was honest and sweet.

Jack, having rid his life and body of any vestige of Lynn, decides he is ready to give his relationship with Marin another try. Despite her repeated protests, he finally gets her to agree to go on a kayaking date with him. Considering Marin's penchant for clumsiness this is obviously a bad idea, which is proven when she tips her kayak to avoid Jack's kiss. His matter of fact admission that he simply wants another chance to get things right with her is welcome, as is Marin's sincere rejection of his advances on the grounds that she's not ready yet. The entire thing feels completely earned and is just plain pleasant to watch. In the end, Jack gets offered a job on the Bering Sea that would cause him to be away for nine months and he takes it. Marin seems surprised he would go to such lengths to give her space, and we'll just have to see what happens next. You know James Tupper isn't really going away for nine months, so let's hope they can continue their streak of keeping all developments in this relationship honest and heartfelt.

Taking up the bulk of the episode, however, were Patrick and Annie's bachelor and bachelorette parties, respectively. Marin plans both events to their specifications and both are a hoot, Patrick's revolving around yards of beer and a giant female mud wrestler and Annie's involving pottery painting, karaoke and lots and lots of shots. These stories are the kind of thing this show does perfectly, light hearted and quirky with a poignant undertone. This time the poignancy came when Annie learned that Celia really does like her, but puts on a show otherwise. Still bitchy of Celia, but sweet for Annie to find out nonetheless.

Also spot-on this episode was Sara's relationship with her minister boyfriend, Eric. After getting hot and heavy during a CPR lesson, Eric reveals his ministry doesn't believe in premarital sex. Sara has a hard time dealing with this at first, but after seeing how great Eric is with her kid decides to give it a shot. Nicholas Lea and Suleka Mathew are an off screen item as well, and that chemistry definitely translates to the show in a very positive way. I'm biased because I will always, always love Lea since he was Krycek on The X Files, but he is really a nice addition to the cast.

Another very pleasant episode. It's too bad the move to 8pm on Fridays hasn't seemed to help the ratings, with this show coming in a distant third to Ghost Whisperer and Deal or No Deal. I don't know about you guys, but I'd choose spending my Friday nights in Elmo over watching Jennifer Love Hewitt's boobs act or Howie Mandel's shiny head any day.

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Todd said...

JLH's boobs are ALSO shiny. True story!

I rather enjoy this show, but I always let it pile up on my DVR. I wonder why that is?