Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"I've been told I have alabaster skin that is irresistible to touch.": Two weeks of Bones

So the week I have deadlines on other projects is also the week when Bones has its best episode in quite some time. Go figure. Fortunately, the show followed up that excellent Halloween episode with another good one this week, though this one was a little more turgid. The show has mostly gotten away from the forced Brennan/Booth moments in the last two episodes, and that makes for a happy Bones recapper.

Last week's episode was really Bones at its best, particularly as it put Brennan into a bunch of situations where her headstrong skepticism clashed with the people she was supposed to be a little sympathetic around. Mixing up the Bones gang with a Hell House (a TV plot that should be boring and cliche by now but isn't for some reason) made for a nice twist on the same old Halloween episode, and the mystery of the mummy in the maze was probably the twistiest one the show has done yet this season. It wasn't the best Bones ever, but it certainly was the best of the young season.

Also, since it was a Halloween episode, we got COSTUMES, which is the best reason to do a Halloween episode anyway (even though I rarely check out Homestar Runner anymore, I always look at the Halloween cartoon to see what all of the characters dressed as -- it's always perfect and ridiculous). More shows need to do episodes where they dress up their characters in a ridiculous fashion. Imagine what The Wire or Battlestar Galactica could do with this sort of set-up! I'm picturing Mary McDonnell dressed as somebody from The Dark Crystal or something (I've never seen it, but it seems like the sort of pop culture reference the kids would like). Awesome!

To that end, I was happy to see Brennan dressed as Wonder Woman and Booth as a squint. Zach dressed up as a cow was also inspired, though I felt the rest of the characters' costumes weren't exactly that imaginative. The best thing about putting your characters in costume is that you can then send them into some sort of situation where the costume would be hilariously inappropriate and watch them fumble through. It works every time!

So, yeah, costumes = good.

Anyway, tonight's episode was also pretty good, particularly as it dealt with the tensions between the team members themselves when someone who worked at the Jeffersonian was a victim of the crime and others who worked there were involved or committing the crimes. It wasn't the most complex mystery in the world, nor was it all that hard to figure out, but it's always interesting to examine aspects of the team that don't stem automatically from their usual chain of command. I'm less interested in how these events relate to the Brennan/Booth pairing, but I do like how they shook up the team.

So that's two good episodes in a row. Here's hoping the early season jibblies are all worked out and we're off on a good stretch.

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