Thursday, November 08, 2007

Something on the strike to tide you over

While I don't presume to speak for all of this blog's contributors, I, myself, as well as our other editors (the ones I HAVE talked to) support the Writers Guild of America in its strike. While I don't have time to write in depth on this (and while all of us will miss our favorite shows something fierce), I'll be doing a more comprehensive post over the weekend. Hence, for now, the button, because the U.S. is all about simplifying your opinions on complex issues down to something that can be expressed in a 6K JPEG.

In the meantime, what sorts of things do you want to see in 2008 when the only television we have to watch is American Idol (looking forward, Libby and Andy?) and Celebrity Big Brother (Carrie, I know you're SO ready)? We'll literally do whatever you want. We live to serve.


MaryEKS said...

Todd and crew:
Why not daily clips of y'all singing, dancing, reading, etc...?

Carrie said...

I support the writers and all (even though the honking horns outside my office window every day are driving me batty), but Celebrity Big Brother? KILL ME NOW. END THIS STRIKE. Argh.