Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"You came as a self-important queen who lost her power. Isn't that a bit on the nose?": Desperate Housewives

Ladies and gentlemen, Nathan Fillion made me laugh this week. One time. By pure force of will, delivering the hell out of one simple word, "Arrgh." Granted, he was dressed as Frankenstein at the time which I'm sure aided the humor, but I'm giving him the credit. Let us recognize this with a moment of silence, because it will probably never happen in the confines of this show again.

Okay, moving on. Center stage this week was the birth of Danielle/Bree's baby which, naturally, happens in the middle of the block's Halloween party (where Danielle is hilariously dressed up as Bree, complete with spot-on mannerisms). After determining that they won't have time to get Danielle to a hospital, Bree summons Adam's help and he tells her he's known the pregnancy was fake all along, which...should have been a more interesting reveal than it was. Anywho. Adam, clad in a Frankenstein costume that suits Nathan Fillion far better than you could ever dream possible, delivers the baby in the Van De Kamp kitchen surrounded by Andrew dressed as Cher, Orson as George Washington (I think?), and Bree as Little Bo Peep. It's wacky, but forced in a way that makes the entire endeavor fall flat, even the gag of having Lynette's kids see Frankenstein holding the baby (see above picture). Later, Danielle does get a gorgeous moment when she holds the baby boy for the first time and decides to let him go for his own good. I will admit, it got me misty. I'm not sure where this story goes from here, but I'm assuming Bree's subterfuge will be revealed eventually.

With their wacky quota filled for the week with the birth, Susan gets a chance to have a serious storyline for once involving Mike's imprisoned father. She is surprised to learn he is alive, considering Mike told her he was dead so he didn't have to tell her about the prison thing. Susan demands to visit him, and sees that he doesn't show any remorse over the murder. This causes her to freak out in concern that she is carrying a child with no conscience. After visiting Mike's father again by herself, he reveals that he has plenty of remorse but buries it so he doesn't kill himself with guilt and warns her that Mike is the one she should be worried about. I know now that Susan and Mike are happily married they need to give them storylines, but clunkily hinting that he's going to do something evil is not the way to go. I mean, Susan should know he's not entirely on the up and up, right? He's been convicted of manslaughter in the past, and then there's like EVERYTHING he did in the first two seasons to give her pause. But she finally gets worried when his deadbeat Dad says something? Whatever, show.

As for Gabby and Carlos, they finally decide to do the right thing and leave their spouses but it all comes back to bite them in the ass when Carlos tells Gabby about his $10 million account. Since he had the money when they were married, Gabby is furious he "lied" to her in their divorce and kept her away from the money. Seeing as the only thing Gabby loves more than herself is money, she calls things off with Carlos on the grounds that he "lied" to her and runs back to Victor. See how "lied" is in quotes? I would like those quotes to go smack Gabby right in the face because she is so, so hateful. Not that Carlos is any better. Sensing opportunity, a spurned Edie shows Victor the P.I. photos she had taken and blames the entire affair completely on Carlos. Will Victor plot to have Carlos killed? Will anyone care? I honestly hope Carlos ends up killing Victor instead, because that character and this storyline are both a complete dead end.

Lynette spent the hour wrapped up in a metaphor involving an evil possum and her cancer. She defeats both, just in time for viewers to decide that this show should never do metaphors like that again. Please, never, ever again.

Not the strongest showing this week, but at least Nathan Fillion made me laugh! Maybe next week he'll actually get an entire line that's funny, instead of just one word!

Next week: Gabby kills Victor! Maybe. Well, probably not...but wouldn't that be awesome?

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