Friday, November 16, 2007

"You were fired from being a doctor and they let you cut open my ass!?": Grey's Anatomy episode ever?

And I don't mean of Grey's Anatomy. I mean of TELEVISION. Best episode EVER. Ha! No, even I'm not THAT crazy. Grey's has been kicking ass though over the last few weeks (I've been kept offline by a broken laptop - it's still in the shop!) and "Forever Young" really felt like an episode of the show I love - back in season two, the wild, sappy, totally over-the-top, beautiful mess that it was. Beautiful! The best thing about "Forever Young", apart from the fact that there was barely ANY Gizzie, was that it was the 'tell it like it is' episode. Yeah! I swear there were like TEN scenes where someone TOLD IT LIKE IT WAS. And I guess most people probably thought "ugh, we get it", but I like that literally everyone got TOLD this week (I'm sorry about all the caps). Nobody got too high and mighty cause once they turned a corner, someone else was all up in their grill. I love it! Also the medical stories were pretty good. And no Gizzie! Please God, end the writer's strike. I don't want anything screwing up this great run of material!

OK, who's first? Miranda, aka MANDY. This would be a fantastic Emmy tape for Chandra. I don't always like the "softer side of the hardass" story that shows like this do (oh, who am I kidding. I'm a total sucker). But I loooooved this. DB Woodside was cannily cast as a patient/former high school idol who Bailey totally crushed on when she was a booksmart nerd. Normally I find Woodside pretty bland, but he took it easy here and actually showed a little bit of charisma, mostly in that big ol' smile. I have no idea if I've ever seen him smile before! Anyway, Bailey, cock of the walk after becoming chief resident, instantly falls into her teenage dumbstruck routine, filling out forms and generally hovering instead of barking orders as usual. It was a little jarring, because in other "Bailey cares" episodes she's still kept up the whole hardass thing, but it paid off bea-utifully. When George calls her on her behavior, she breaks out a fantastic speech about how she can't believe that she, a strong, confident, married professional mother, is putty in this guy's hands. In the hands of another actress, it's totally cheesy, but Wilson is one of the best performers on network, and she owned that scene. And this episode. Emmy!

The rest of the ep was similarly framed, with a high school bus crash (DB was the driver, or the teacher, or somethin') making the docs reminisce about their youth, or lack of it. Mark, who has become quipmaster general recently, was wonderfully deflated when two giggling schoolgirls said he looked like their dad (the guy has salt and pepper hair that errs on the salt - what did he expect, Leo DiCaprio comparisons?). I like Mark's antics in the background and his rediscovered banter-fests with Shepherd, but I'm hoping he gets some more centric stuff soon. They rightly dismissed the idea of him and Hahn immediately getting together (too obvious, plus I bet they write Hahn gay - Grey's has been wanting a gay character outside of Joe, I hear). So it doesn't HAVE to be a girl, but maybe a cool case? I'd just like a nice Sloan episode. I'd also like him to make a guest appearance on Private Practice. That show needs some life. It needs some SLOAN!

Next up, Shepherd and Meredith. And Lexie, by extension. Oh, it's all a bit complicated. I really liked Shepherd's material this week. I'm reminded that I really love Derek as a character when he's not with Meredith. I love his bedside manner, basically, although it can be a bit holy, which the writers called him on this week - even better! He treated the two 'freaks' from the high school bus crash, the girl being that one from that old show who was recently naked all the time in Californication. They were good though, although I usually object when the one-episode 'freaks' in shows like this are so pretty. But it's Grey's Anatomy. Everyone's pretty! Dempsey played the sad crying material good though, so good on him. ALSO, his sassy new love interest was introduced, an awesome (and really, really hot) nurse who totally scoffed at his bullshit "Man, aren't I godly?" thing in surgery. Or something about the hospital not having cliques. Basically, she's gonna bring him down a notch, and then he'll shack back up with Meredith half a season later. Fine by moi! She's great! The best scene of all, though, was when Callie harumphed at him identifying with the high school losers. And he was all like, dude, I was a total dork in high school. Of course he was! Go Dempsey! Yay for beautiful people!

Ummmm who else. Oh yeah, Meredith and Lexie. So Jeff Perry dropped by, he's a total drunk now (poor guy - Perry's so great though) and Lexie's embarassed by it. Meredith was charmed by her dad's loopy rantings about how great she was, which she (as a drunk herself) should have recognized as "you're my best friend in the whole world" alkie-talk. Lexie straightened her out, though, describing just how erratic and scary her dad could be. That's right, Lexie told it like it is. Then Alex settled Lexie's hash cause he wrote the book on being bullied by a drunk father. Also, Izzie somehow managed to tell it like it is about how she was from a trailer park and got knocked up, at some point. Lexie was involved in that somehow too. So many things being told like they were! It was bewildering, but it was a rush. Grey's is all about instantly switching from "seriously." relationship talk to big speechfying and they did it so darn well yesterday. The central theme was fun, the actors did a good job, when it got heavy it was just heavy enough, and there was NO GIZZIE! Okay, there was a tiny bit of Gizzie, but just enough to let us know they're on the rocks. In fact, they're so ridiculously on the rocks that I'm afraid they might fix things just to shock us. Hopefully not though. Death to Gizzie! Life to great Grey's Anatomy! Huzzah to all!

(Oh, also, Cristina did some stuff about brown-nosing Hahn. It was good. All is well. My laptop comes back on Monday).


Todd said...

I love that this show turns you into a 14-year-old girl whose parents don't know that she watches it with the volume turned almost all the way down and the captions on on her little pink television set in her room she got for her 12th birthday who then goes online to talk to her best friends about it on their private Myspace sites so their parents don't know they're watching something with SO MUCH SEX.

Carrie said...

Hahahahaha, Todd. Best commment ever.

I've loved the past few episodes (aside from the George/Izzie stuff) and this episode delivered yet again. That scene with Bailey and Derek was so incredibly awesome. I'm a band geek, too! Band geeks, unite!

High school was the perfect metaphor for GA to tackle because Hot Nurse Rose is right...the hospital is totally high school. And I love it.

Thank the Lord, the Grey's Anatomy we love is back! Just in time for the strike to cancel Josh Jackson's appearance indefinitely, and probably for good! Freaking strike. I need my Pacey!

David Sims said...


I need Pacey too! I hate Dawson's Creek. But I love Pacey! Plus I heard he was going to be Cristina's rebound guy!

Libby said...

David ...
There aren't words.
Todd and I made a deal that if the Gizzie stuff wasn't finished or on it's way out by the end of sweeps, then I was done with the show.
That said, it's looking increasingly like I'm going to keep watching.
Which I'm excited for considering the heightened quality of the show lately.
Also, I'm really digging Private Practice lately?

David Sims said...

Really? I thought the last episode of PP with the double pregnancy was v. lame. I liked the Cooper/Violet stuff as per usual, but a pregnant Sara Gilbert holding up a convenience store while she was in labor? Um, this ain't ER, Marti Noxon. You wanna pull that stuff, relocate out of the wellness center.

That said, the previous episode was pretty good. I dunno.