Saturday, November 17, 2007

"You're just as stubborn as my brother. Soon you could be just as dead.": Smallville

This week on Smallville…stuff happens! Like, actual stuff. Now normally I’d be pessimistic about the ominous foreshadowing that took place in ‘Blue,’ but spoilers indicate that there really are some big developments on the horizon. Next week reportedly sees the return of some past foe (hopefully not Bizarro), week after that James Marsters returns as Braniac, week after THAT we have the Green Arrow and Black Canary showing up. What sounds more exciting to me, however, is next year’s instalments exploring the mythology in a way that will apparently see “long-standing elements and arcs in the overall Smallville mythology…come together.” I didn’t even know there was long-standing elements and arcs, so should be interesting. (That quote and information comes from Kryptonsite by the way – if you’re like me and you’re stupid enough to still get excited over this stuff, its got all the info you could need.) The only downside is that Smallville is now going on a four-week hiatus, presumably due to the writer’s strike. And those last few mythology episodes might never get made if production shuts down. In answer to your question, no, I don’t think I’m jumping the gun at all in getting excited.

Anyway, back to this week’s episode. ‘Blue’ was fairly poor for most of its running time, but made up for it in the final minutes. It mostly involved the return of Clark’s heavenly mother Lara, played again by former Supergirl Helen Slater. Slater was just as deathly boring as she was a couple weeks ago – although to be fair, she’s not getting much to work with. The entire point of Lara is that she’s an utterly perfect angel of a woman, and there’s really not much to play in that. ‘Blue’ at least tried to liven things up by also bringing back Zor-El (Christopher Heyerdahl, well-cast and creepy looking) who is totally fucking evil (duh). He goes and throws a baffled Lionel about, then punches Clark around, then throws down with his daughter Kara. Basically he’s just a big bully. Why is he throwing all these people across rooms? Erm…it was something about a…erm. Well, never mind.

Meanwhile, Lois and Grant engage in a secret romance but are discovered by Chloe and Lex respectively. At first both try to end it, but that just results in one of those annoying scenes where a couple insists they’re breaking up and then start making out. So instead they decide to embark on an even more secret relationship! Like this time, they might actually lock the door or something. Now you might be asking why Lois and Lex are suddenly so pally all of a sudden. At first I thought this was just the writers being irritating by proclaiming that two characters we never saw together before are in fact the best of friends. Apparently though, I don’t give the Smallville writers enough credit! (Poster quote, anyone?) Turns out Grant Gabriel isn’t Grant Gabriel at all – he’s Lex’s long thought-dead son Julian! That is a nice, nice twist. I like it.

How unfortunate that just as things are becoming properly compelling, a four-week break is upon us. And how typical too of Smallville to start getting interesting just as a writers strike rolls around. Ah well. See y’all in a month.

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